Why not have my first blog post start with a feature piece of my current hair method. This was posted on MsDeekay’s blog   Just so you know, I keep tweaking my routine and methodology so keep your eye on this space for the most recent updates

How long have you been natural?

On and off since 2006. I texturized twice in 2007 and 2008. Cut off the last of the texturized ends in 2010

Why did you decided to go natural?

-relaxers hurt no matter how mild
-hair thinned and never got past chin/neck length.

What are your experiences being natural?
My experiences being natural are an entire post on their own. In a nutshell, my natural hair has been healthier than my permed hair so I have kept at this journey. But overall I have struggled with accepting my texture, being a product junkie and poor length retention. Most of my yrs of being natural, I was stuck in a rut of 6-8 inches, (which takes some people less than a year to achieve). 2013-2014 I made it to10 inches thanks to all the changes I made in technique I think. Incorporating clay, steaming, protein treatments and protective styling helped the most

Tell us a little bit about your hair, like your hair type, porosity, texture, length?
Type 4 (I believe 4c), fine strands, medium density, low porosity, 10-11 inches

What are some of your struggles (if any) being natural before MHM?
My ends & length retention are the biggest. I am one of those naturals who struggles with my ends endlessly and feel like they always needed trimming. When I go to the hair salon they always give me major trims, which has slowed down my length retention. I thought I was pleased with my hair, in the sense that I had more good hair days than bad hair days. However, my hair was not predictable, most days it was soft and I had an awesome “out” style but then other days it was dry, despite no change in product or technique.

IMG_0714 IMG_0724 IMG_0715

hair and texture before mhm

How did you find out about MHM and why did you decide to give it a try?

Watched YouTube video by protective princess. It made me curious but like most naturals, I have tried wash and go’s, twice in the past (once with Kinky Curly Curling Custard and once with Ecostyler with Argan oil) and both times left my hair a hot mess, exactly like YouTube Glamfun’s satirical video of “wash and go’s don’t work on nappy hair” …a shrunken, matted brillo pad-like mess. However, on July 9, I had some time off work and figured I’d attempt MHM since I could wash it out if it failed me.
I did it, liked it, but that day I did the regimen with the Cherry Lola and it took me like 4 hrs to complete and 24hrs for my hair to dry. My hair had no crunch, had actual hang time, lots of movement but I wasn’t going to continue it because of the time it took and the drying time.
The hair lasted me all week before I washed it off and went back to my regular protective styling.

On Aug 14th when I took down my goddess braid protective style, I had one of the bad days with dryness, and horrible ends. I also hated thinking of what style to do next for the week. I then remembered my initial MHM result and how I could wear my own hair loose for as long as I wanted and also had the option to do other styles if I got bored without needing any extra special styling product.
That was a light bulb moment. So I started again with the Maximum Hydration Method.

How long have you been doing MHM ?

Since August 14. I did it 3 days straight and then now do twice a week because that is all my laziness will allow.

hair collage 2

Day 1 hair. Left pics – fully dry. Right pics – pic 1 is fully dry (front dries fastest in 1-2 hrs), pic 2 is 70% dry (back and crown take forever and shrinks the most), pic 3 – shed hair from beginning to end of process with a 25c coin for comparison.

What are your experiences with MHM so far?

I have done MHM 9 times so far! I love it because:

1)Consistent, predictable results!!
No matter the time it takes you to get through the regimen, there are no issues like; “I have to wake up extra early to unravel my twists or flexi rods to see if my results are good and if not what is my back up hair style”.
My only concern when I wake up is; “Is my hair fully dry?” and if not “Oh well it will dry as the day progresses :)”
2) Endures my workouts, which involves lots of sweating (pics below)                                                                                        3) My ends look great so far, when I thought they were split and questionably unhealthy.

4) Easy detangling and less shed hair than my previous wash days

5) My hair does not feel crunchy or sticky despite the gel. There is product…yes but it has a soft hold. I don’t know how to explain it; you will just have to see for yourself if you try it.
6) A possible end to my product junkyism perhaps?
The idea that I am happy with my hair results already and it is supposed to even look better each time I do this regimen blows my mind!

hair collage 3

​Pics of day 2 above, and day 3 below after working out both days 

What are your views/experiences and maybe other people’s view of your hair before and after MHM?

Discussed my views above. So far I have received compliments from significant other, mom and friends. One friend started the regimen already and another is on the way, so these are real compliments 🙂

hair collage 4
MHM wash 8, top pics are wet hair and bottom pics are dry hair. Still have frizz but getting there and love my texture

Any advice to anyone who is considering trying MHM for the first time or to other naturals in general?

As you read my tweaks and advice below pls bear in mind that you should always refer to the MHM blog ( for the most accurate and detailed process.
1)Time – My number one advice to anyone starting the method is don’t let the time or number of steps deter you. The consistent, predictable results make it worth it. Running through all 5 steps takes me 2.5 -3hrs. Most of that time I am doing my chores or reading while the product is on my hair. Actual product application and detangling takes me about 5-10mins.The longest portion for me is step 4-5 since I do small sections and that takes me 45 mins for now.It also helps to make your mixes prior to starting your routine so you don’t waste time mixing on the go.
2)Cherry Lola Treatment – I skipped using anything I had to mash up and I liked how my hair felt afterwards. I use yoghurt, molasses, soy amino acids, baking soda and avocado oil.
3)Clay Treatment – always ended up with lumps after mixing in applicator bottle and mud splatter all over the place during application. So, I bought terressentials, which is no stress but I hate the price. I discovered that with diluted apple cider vinegar, water and clay it was easier to mix. PH was 7 which pinke cube says is ok. My most recent wash I used clay and water alone again but this time in a dishwashing liquid soap bottle instead of applicator bottle and it worked better but the nozzle would still get a small clump of clay stuck in it and I would have to stop and shake the bottle to get it to flow. Doing this multiple times started slowing me down. Eventually I took the cover off and applied the clay to my hands and rubbed on the hair shaft like I would with terressentials. That worked really well.

Thanks for reading my looooong post!

I wrote this Sept 7, 2014 so some things have changed, stay tuned!!!