My hair arsenal

So I had a hair wash day today and my hair is almost dry. Why is this notable? Because it takes more than a day for my hair to dry without assistance. Now I am at the 10 hr mark and it’s like 98-99% there. I wonder why? I hope to post results tomorrow. So in the meantime, thought I’d do a post about my arsenal.


1) Clarify: I use ACV when I do the full MHM method mostly. I use baking soda occasionally during the week when cowashing and in cherry lola treatment. Terresentials has been my main staple these past few months. I have a half full tub of bentonite clay that I plan to use up at some point when I have the energy to mix stuff. When they all run out I am tempted to get Rhassoul cos MsDeekay just gave us  the hook up on how to buy it in bulk 🙂 Yep, in case you can’t tell, I am a recovering product junkie.

2) Cowash: Either As I am coconut cowash (not approved on MHM list) or tresemme naturals aloe and avocado. I plan to order the tresemme naturals radiant volume online to see what the hype is about, but truthfully I would like to be using products that I can get on the ground.

4) Deep conditioning: tresemme naturals or KKNT

5) Styling: KKNT leave-in and then KKCC (sometimes I use as is, sometimes  dilute with water)

6) Cherry lola: not pictured. But my mix starting today includes: greek yogurt (i try to find full fat), 2 eggs, 1tbsp avocado oil, molasses, so amino acids, acv, baking soda,1tbsp hemp oil (just because I have it in the fridge and not using, bought it initially for my face but i broke out), 1tbsp castor oil (because I bought all this castor oil before starting the wash and go regimen and trying to use it up). My hair seems to like and need protein treatments not sure why, since it doesn’t seem to fit what all the fine haired naturals doing the MHM have said. I wish I could do a cherry lola ever week, but it’s a lot to mix and a long time in hair, so I am going to see how strictly doing every 1.5-2 weeks works. I looked longingly at aphogee 2 min reconstructor the other day. I loved that stuff! lol


1) Steamer- had this for 2yrs now, but really using it now. I try to steam weekly

2)heat therapy cap- also a life saver for those days when I have to be on the go but want some deep conditioning. I will tell you how i used it with today’s wash tomorrow (confused much?)

3)Comb: Yep, another relic from my natural past that I resurrected in the last 2 weeks. I will have a post about tangles. However, this is a seamless hercules sagemann comb, and as far as combs go, word on the street is that seamless rocks. I can’t tell one way or another, but I use it sometimes.

4)shower cap

5)gloves-just used for the first time today. Felt a little weird, but supposedly also helps with detangling.

6)devafuser- my newest money-sucking natural hair toy. Hair that can take up to 2 days to dry is so not cool. I have actually blow dried my wash and go for 30 mins, think it is dry or on the way there, and then 5 mins later, i feel my hair and it feels like it has never even heard of the word “dry”. I don’t know if this is good or bad. Like did the drier already steal moisture and then maybe the remaining moisture is migrating to the surface of the strand, thus leaving even less in the shaft??? I have no idea. I tried the laila ali hooded drier before purchasing this one, but same thing. So finally, i bit the bullet and got the devafuser. I used it twice so far and it actually helped speed up my drying time. I don’t use it to dry all the way. I did not use it today with this wash.