This week has been hell. I just started a new job so I get off pretty late and it’s been hard to blog even though I have a lot to say.  I am off every other week so maybe I will have to blog every other week.  Anyhow, the pic is my hair above right now; absolutely wet cos I just got done doing it. I put it in 2 pig tails  (which is a first for me while wet) to see if that will help speed up my drying time for the night. I hope it doesn’t ruin the curls. Will let you know tomorrow. Because of my schedule I can only cowash during the week instead of full mhm. Today I did my first step with a mix of tresemme naturals radiant volume with orange and lemon grass (surprisingly found in bed bath and beyond), soy amino acids and baking soda. I struggle with overly stretchy hair during this regimen so I have been looking for ways to up my protein game, hence the amino acids. I left this in my hair for 30 mins cos I was eating dinner and under my heating cap. Next I hopped in the shower and washed off with tresemme alone, and then still in the shower applied kckt leave in  and then out of the shower applied grapeseed oil in 2 large sections and kccc in 6 large sections using praying hands to smooth in, instead of my small sections, cos it is late at night and I need to head to bed. Cos I do work tomorrow , yay….not!
Can’t wait for my week off  to start on Monday because
1) I am getting a trim; devastyle, to help me beat tangles even more
2) get to do full mhm, more so looking forward to clay