Hair trim at curltopia

Okay so today is the day. I am at curltopia in atlanta, ga after googling salons that offer deva cuts since that is the right way to trim curly hair according to the curly girl handbook. Thus makes sense to me cos I think one if the reasons I don’t go often to get professional trims is that the stylist will blow dry my hair with an attachment comb or brush and then trim. Everytime i have had that I see soooo many strands of hair on the floor. With the devacut, your hair is dry and in its natural shrunken coily/curly state and then they trim. So, I got to the salon and waited about 10mins before my assigned stylist got to me. His name is James and he is Caucasian. This made me very very nervous. Well he sat me down, felt my hair and said I had such pretty curls. Lol this got me smiling because even in my own home country of nigeria, stylists often say “ah! Why is your hair virgin?”, “we can perm…”, and my favorite “are you a member of deeper life church?” Well compliment adide, i knew I wouldn’t stop being nervous until the whole process was done with and I hopefully leave with hair on my scalp. Questions in my head include? Has he worked with type 4 hair? Does he really know this devacut thingy? Has he worked with black hair? OK so he began taking little sections if my hair and trimming the ends off. I didn’t particularly feel like he looked at each curl to see the bend or angle to be cut like described in Lorraine Massey book. Anyhow he was done in less than 30 mins and that was it. My hair looked significantly shorter but since it’s in a shrunken state, I couldn’t tell exactly how much was cut off until I got home. All I can say is yikes! On the minus side, because of the really coily nature of my ends he took off like 3 inches of my slow growing hair! Like 1 years hard work of hair (pics below). He thought he took off a little, cos he kept saying my ends were not that bad and he was only going to take a little off. On the plus side I hope this means the hair left over is truly healthy and at a good foundation to minimize all the issues I was having with tangling. Hopefully, I can truly monitor my length retention on this CG/MHM journey without wondering if lack of trimming was hindering me.


I was going to set a goal of trimming every 4 months for the next 1 year to see if that helps my overall retention but now I am terrified cos I just lost freaking 3 inches. Next time I will either try another salon or same salon but a black stylist (is that so wrong??). Right now I am doing my hair : I pretreated with acv, then cowashed with tresemme and then put kckt leave in and steamed for 20 mins and then put argan oil and diluted kccc. Oh another minus, lots of my trimmed pieces were in my hair and I have to keep making sure they are all out. Other than that detangling was a breeze and I used a comb just to make sure.