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This struggle to retain length is real for lots of Type 4 naturals. It is certainly very real for me. Is it multi factorial? Is it genetics? Is it hair practices? I truly don’t know. All I know is that I go through cycles of: gain some length -> eventually get a trim -> lose said growth plus more after trim -> avoid trims like the plague, till breaking point again then repeat cycle. Since I have been doing MHM/CG method my ends have looked better but i was getting to the point (not yet scary level) where the ends were clinging more to each other, detangling was harder but i didn’t want to lose any growth. However, I noticed that after each wash I would have weird stretchy ends or knots that i either cut off (GOOD) or pulled off (BAD). This triggered me to bite the bullet and get a trim (my last trim was sometime in fall 2013). Well, this means my hair is back to preMHM length and even shorter in some areas. With the pics and all, I will see how my length retention goes for 1 year trying to do this CG/MHM method. I will work to trim my ends every 4 months which is 3x a year, either myself or a different stylist. Enjoy the pics:

According to instagram, this pic was taken 19 weeks ago so sometime in aug 2014. Hair looks like it’s 1.5″ below my chin so maybe approx 10 to 10.5″  in the early MHM days 
Trim Day (approx 4months of MHM): front:12″, back: 9.5″, side:10″, crown:10″
post trim: front:11", back: 7", side:9", crown:8.5"
post trim: front:11″, back: 7″, side:9″, crown:8.5″

So I guess objectively, the dude cut off 1-2.5 inches of hair approximately depending on what section. I also learned some new things.

1) My hair doesn’t grow at the same rate all over. I always thought my back hair shrunk more than front, turns out back is just shorter, and after my trim a good 4 inches behind now

2) I started MHM/CG officially on Aug 14, and so Dec 14 will make it 4 months. In that time frame, based on these pics, I can objectively say (at least in the front) I gained 1.5″ of length that stayed despite cutting off/pulling off some tangles or knots some days (yep, slow-growing-hair-are-us). So if I maintain healthy practices and cut off an inch every 4 months, then I might gain at least 3 inches in a year? And dare I dream, even more??? we will see. That’s the whole point of this blog right? to objectively track my progress.

Cos of my current length i will probably just be using alice bands and maybe doing roll/tuck and pin updos for work. Hair doesn’t look right anymore framing my face.

Hair for today:

Image (1)

3) Ignoring length for a sec, am I loving the feel, texture and growing thickness of my coils???? YES YES YES!!! This is why I still plan to continue learning and trying to live coily, enjoying my own itsy bitsy spirally coils 🙂 So thanks maximum hydration and curly girl methods