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So I was browsing instagram, and came across one of my favorite pics since being on the enjoying my coils wagon. It was the day I styled with my KCCC (kinky curly curling custard) on damp (about 70% dry) hair instead of soaking wet hair as commonly prescribed. So I decided to revisit this. I learned some new things about my hair which I will share below. So I did this yesterday and let my hair fully dry overnight. I feel like I do every wash a little different. This is also because I want to finish some old products. So for this wash: I applied warm conditioner with baking soda and then carefully and slowly finger detangled which took me about 35 minutes. For one half of my hair I used the last of my eden body works coconut cowash and for the second half I used tresemme naturals aloe and avocado (trying to use up too, because i bought lots of tresemme naturals radiant volume). After my detangling, i got in the shower rinsed off, then applied KCKT (kinky curly knot today) undiluted in 4 sections and then sat under the steamer for 20 mins.

Hair with leave-in conditioner after steaming with it for 20minsImage-3

After that I waited for the hair to get 70% dry and then began applying the KCCC gel. Been incorporating oil (formerly grape seed but just bought argan) into my regimen but for some reason I skipped the oil today.

Hair after gel. Not dry:


Dry hair results: 


Lessons learned:

-my hair dried faster and I love it

-I feel I had more shine/sheen not sure why.

– It’s amazing to me how styling on damp rather than soaking wet hair actually seems to give me less frizzy hair. I don’t know, you judge from the pics today and my pics in other posts.

-my hair has so much definition with just the leave in! So I am going to buy one of the MHM recommended water based creams for days I want to just do updos or not use gel and see how it goes. I plan on one of the camille rose products probably like the almond jai butter.

Supposed to do full MHM tomorrow including cherry lola and I am dreading it. But it’s my only chance ‘cos I work Mon through Sun next week. Wish me luck!



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  1. Wow! I like that you said you had so much definition with the leave-in. I don’t wear wash and go’s much but I noticed a while back that I could do a wash and go with thick conditioner alone. It was almost like the hair conditioner defined, moisturized, and sealed. I am so glad to see you blogging!


    1. Thanks for commenting! I can’t believe how much has changed and how time has flown since I stumbled onto mhm on your youtube channel while looking for a protective style video lol. The best part of blogging about my journey is I don’t have to rely on my faulty memory for what products or what tweaks gave me what results. It’s all documented! Have my hair set right now for my first twist out since starting the living coily life. Ciao.


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