Happy New Year! Okay it has been a few weeks post trim, almost one month and I am still encountering the same issues of hair being overly stretchy at the ends sometimes and breaking. I am sick of it. Makes me wonder if this method of doing hair is for me. But then I look back on my old pics and know that if I can fix this then it is worth it.

All my research has shown that overly stretchy hair that does not retain elasticity and thus breaks off when wet, means that the hair needs more protein. However, I have been scared because every low po natural says protein is bad bad bad. Before I started MHM/CG I was incorporating protein into my hair using aphogee 2 min reconstructor, even the 2 step and nexxus emergencee and my hair seemed to thrive. Emphasis on seemed because who really knows. All I know is that I have tried increasing frequency of my washing and steaming to every other day, got a trim, and still i am experiencing breakage. At this point, I feel there is nothing to lose in trying protein. I tried to make my cherry lola treatments stronger by incorporating double the amount of aminos and adding 2 eggs but i don’t really feel a difference than when I do it the regular way.

So after researching again to at least try to find a CG friendly protein treatment instead of going back to my old aphogee 2 minute, I have settled on komaza care hair strengthener since it seems to have essentially the proteins without many ingredients I cant pronounce. As usual I will document this so I can accurately track my progress. Maybe one day I might help another natural out there.


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  1. Hi Neuyogi,

    No thanks needed as I really do enjoy helping people with the method, I just hope that my advice works for you. 🙂

    First thing I would like is if you could please do another Porosity test after your next clay mask as from what I have read in your response, your hair isn’t behaving like Low Porosity hair. All of the products that you are using should make your hair feel dry if you are LP….ACV, Bentonite, Terressentials (its main ingredient is Aloe Vera).

    The best time to judge your hair is after the clay mask as your hair is completely product free then and won’t give you a false positive – for lack of a better description :).

    My previously very LP hair has now changed as is closer to Normal Porosity, so I have had to change up my recipes slightly. The recipes on the website should just be used as a guideline as every head has different needs.

    It does seem as if you need a bit of Protein to strengthen the ends of your hair…when was your last CLCT as that is a mild protein & deep conditioning treatment. You can always reduce the amount of moisturising ingredients in the your recipe…for example…use only 1/2 the amount of Banana, honey & molasses.

    Yes, you may have been using too much Baking Soda, I also made the same mistake in the early days. I reduced mine to 1-2 tsps of Baking Soda as I was no longer using heavy styling products and as I was washing my hair regularly there was no need to be heavy handed with the clarification steps.

    Also you wrote that you DC in step 3 – I hope this was a typo – as the correct steps in the regimen are to Clarify, Deep Condition & then Clay. I honestly think you shouldn’t use a steamer to DC after you have used BS to clarify as that might be keeping your cuticles open for too long.

    I do a Rhassoul mix of about 1/4 cup of Clay + 1/2 Cup of normal cows milk + 1 tbsp of honey, if you feel that your Rhassoul doesn’t give you enough definition you can always add some Bentonite.

    Hope this helps and here if you need me, all the best on your hair journey.

    D, x


  2. Hi Neuyogi

    I heard about you from a fellow MHMmer and I would like to share a few tips with you that might be useful in resolving some of your issues with your hair since doing MHM.

    Please have a look at my blog to see my progress and also of a few people I have also helped.

    If you are interested..please give me a shout out 🙂



    1. Hiya. I am an ardent reader of your blog. I have read all the posts since you started mhm. Yes pls any tips are welcome! Thanks for reaching out


      1. Hi Neuyogi!

        Thanks for the support by the reading the blog – I really appreciate it :).

        I have just gone through your’s thoroughly and I picked up on a few things that my help with your results, please correct me if I make any mistakes, ok.

        1. You have been using ACV for your clarifying step – as a Low Porosity coily you are better off with the Baking Soda. As your cuticles are already tightly closed using ACV as this step is counter productive.

        2. Your products that you were using for your co-wash were definitely not suitable as they contained ingredients that are the no no list as they can cause build up and dryness. Stick with your Tresemme Naturals Radiant Volume – its excellent – trust me 🙂

        3. Bentonite clay I personally found to be too drying thats why I switched to Rhassoul as it’s more conditioning and when mixed with ACV gives amazing shine and when mixed with milk & honey gives super soft hair.

        4. Don’t ever use combs again, they ruin your curl pattern and cause frizz – its best to do your finger detangling when you have applied the clay mix as your hair will be at its straightest then, Its much easier to slide the shed hairs out at that stage.

        5. Stop the excessive steaming – its unnecessary and might be the cause of your ends feeling the way they do. Your hair will be getting enough Protein from the CLCT but too much moisture from the every other day steaming. Its all about finding the right balance of Protein & Moisture.

        6.No need to add Aminos to your clarifying step the aim is to remove products not to add any unnecessary ones at that point – just keep it simple…Diluted Tresemme and Baking Soda.

        7.Dont add oils to your CLCT as they are not needed at that stage – as oils are sealants they are best used after your leave-in to lock in the moisture but as your hydration levels increase you will probably find that you don’t really need to use them at all.

        8. If you don’t have a lot of time to do the full regimen at night – try this – clarify 15mins, dc with heated wrap 15mins, apply clay mask and sleep. In the morning rinse and style.

        Hope this helps and if you need any more tips please give me shout out – I would be more than happy to help. All the best D, x


        1. Thanks for taking the effort to give such a detailed reply. So I started using account to clarify because for the first 2 months I did use baking soda and my hair felt rough, until after the deep conditioning. So when i started doing acv, hair felt better after that step (step 1). Whenever I finish 4 and 5, I haven’t noticed any difference whether baking soda or acv as far as softness. I assume it is because I use a steamer to open my cuticles when I deep condition in step 3. However, back in those days I was using 1 tbsp of baking soda. So maybe I need less? Like 1tsp? I ordered a pack of rhassoul clay from amazon that I have used twice and still not impressed. However, I do have one more application so I will mix with milk (what kind?) and honey. I really like that I can get bentonite on the ground and I like it when mixed with diluted acv. However, I will give the rhassoul a chance. I also bought the green curly glaze cos of your blog, haven’t used yet though :). Just to reiterate, my hair doesn’t feel dry, it’s the stretchy, easily broken ends that bother me. Do you think my use of acv, bentonite, terresentials could be doing that? Thanks again


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