Yikes so much time has passed since my last post, which sucks cos a lot has happened. I have done a twist out. I have used 2 commercial based protein treatments cos of my issues with breakage. I am still here though. The sucky part is that my blog is supposed to be like my diary of what i did when and what results i got. Oh well I will do my best.

1) TWIST OUTS. Done around 1/13/2015. I had to let the twists set for a day cos I knew my hair would not be dry. Oh you natural heads that have the luxury of hair drying overnight. My hair only dries super fast when there is no product on it at all. So i wore it in an updo to work using my upzing combs and then that night i set it on flexirods. Each night I did about 4-6 big twists depending on my mood. Day 3 was my best look cos by then it was more loose and stretched. I used Camille Rose almond Jai butter and no gel for Step 5.

wpid-wp-1423008033070.jpeg wpid-wp-1423007979915.jpeg wpid-wp-1423007883612.jpeg

2) PROTEIN: Did 2 protein treatments to try combat my issues with breakage.  One was the weekend of Jan 17 using komaza hair care. I did not notice any difference to my hair negatively or positively. So like a criminal I went to Sally’s and got Aphogee 2 step (the mack daddy of protein supposedly). I kept casting furtive glances around wondering if the MHM police would arrest me. I even considered not blogging about it and allowing it to remain a dirty secret. But ultimately, my conscience won. I need to be upfront on my blog not only for potential readers but for myself. For me to know what worked and what didn’t. Also, protein has actually helped me out of ruts in this natural journey. I have never understood why they are frowned upon. Protein tends to give my fine strands life.

Anyhow, this most recent experiment didn’t help dramatically, which is hard to say without objective evidence. For the next few washes I will make a photo collage of my shed hair and then after cherry lola and then after a commercial protein if I decide to foray again. That way  I can base my assumptions on fact rather than conjecture.  which makes me wonder if my issue is with all the manipulation required in doing MHM properly. So how do I reduce this? Experimenting with doing step 1 and 2 in twists. Also in about 2 weeks I might revisit aphogee again but this time the 2 minute reconstructor which I liked prior to MHM. We will see. My next wash is a cherry lola day, lets see how that goes. I am also applying some of the advice Dubaidee gave me like steaming less, leaving conditioner for shorter times. I also just sent all my mentors (protectiveprincess, msdeekay, dubaidee) an SOS an email, so will keep you posted 🙂