So I am so torn….I feel like I am at a point of having to choose between enjoying my curls how they are or retaining length. It seems to be impossible to have both. Every day I feel like a war general planning all sorts of regimens, tweaks and pondering decisions. I wore a wig all last week i.e. 7 days and hated it. It itched, was tight some days, looked tangly some days…just ugh. I am not quite sure what direction I will be taking my hair, but I do plan on documenting so that I can decide what works or not. Today, I had a wash after 7 days letting my hair be, I must say that as I unravelled by tucked and rolled hair, it felt dry! I guess it liked the part of being washed, wetted in some form every 3 days.

I plan to have little baggies of the hair I shed with each wash (from beginning till hair style complete), so that I can track what I did those days. So what did I do today?

-Protein (aphogee 2 min reconstuctor, mixed with a teaspoon baking soda) for 45 mins (not intentionally was doing an errand that took longer than i expected)

-then cowashed and conditioned for 10mins under heat therapy wrap with tresemme

-rhassoul clay plus milk and honey for 20mins

-KKNT, set hair in twists for 1hr or so to dry a little and then used curly tea glaze gel ( my plan had been to do the back in 2 flat twists and then do the front in 2 strand twists, but then i couldn’t resist wanting some curls).

That’s one of the decisions i am struggling with. I do not think my hair likes wash and gos. The ends of my hair curl but then start to curl on themselves and form a huge knot that then needs to be cut off. Before I thought my issue was keeping the strands in neat clumps that were not matted together but then since i started having issues with the ends of my hair over stretching, i see that some of those perfectly coiled strands are actually knots! I hate hate the manipulation of MHM and so I am still researching to see if there are other ways i can enjoy the wash and go life without having to manipulate so much, retain length, or keep the frequency of MHM washes but go back to mostly traditional protective styling with the occasional wash and go. I definitely don’t think that there is only one way to grow healthy 4c hair so I need to stop being afraid to step outside the MHM box.