Oh my gosh peeps, I have a new hair idol: naturalme4c. She is awesome. Yu can reach her channel here. I love that she seems to understand the problems I am going through trying to embrace my hair in mostly a coily state. I have also been trying to find minimalist ways to maintain and do my hair. I have identified things about my hair that are important to factor in, as I try to build a healthy regimen for my hair.

1) it is fine and mega fragile, which means whatever I do needs to be no to minimal manipulation
2) due to number 1 it needs a balance of protein and moisture not moisture alone
3) thanks to my forray into strict mhm, it actually has coils or a curl and I want to enjoy this
4) once product touches it, it takes forever to dry, but without product it could dry in minutes.
5)my porosity is most likely low or normal. I have not used color or excessive heat in my hair for it to be high porosity. Product will mostly sit on my hair without heat to help it sink in.
6) my hair is stuck with me. Meaning I don’t like to feel tied to one hairstyle. I want to be able to do a wash and go, yet flow into a puff, chunky twists, or updo if I desire. I miss crochet braids.