Today’s hair

This post was written on 2/18/2015

Wash day 2/18

The situation (love how curlynikki describes the scenario or context with that expression): last hair day left my hair dryish and dull. I say dryish cos usually by day 2 and 3 the dry part is remedied by doing green house effect when I sleep.

Step 1: acv, lavender, rosemary,peppermint, water for 1 hour. Was meant to be 15 mins but started watching a show 🙂

Step 2: cowashed with tresemme perfectly undone mixed with hot water. Mini deep conditioned by putting shower cap on with conditioner in 4 sections while I showered.

Step 3: diluted tresemme in spray bottle and began spraying a section of hair as a leave in, to be followed by Camille rose aloe whipped gel (crawg). However, hair got too wet and because crawg is cream based, just felt like I was getting a thick film of white product. I decided to try crawg directly on a section sprayed with just water and it seemed to adhere better and still had slip. So I ditched the tresemme leave in for like 2 sections. I am excited next wash to try crawg all over on just wet hair. I hope a cream based gel like crawg will protect my fragile ends better with more slip than gel and dry soft. Obviously I loose some definition but that’s okay. Hair dried faster yay.

Hair damp. See the product (CRAWG) sitting on my hair.

Bedtime: 2 pineapples and ends loosely banded to decrease chances of knots/tangles and increase stretch. Sprayed water mixed with 3 drops argan oil very lightly and now gheing 🙂


Dry Results:


Liking butter gel as a viable alternative to regular botanical gel, depending on the look or feel i am going for.
Looks like dreds LOL

Tomorrow I shall do an updo at the back and chunky twist out in front. All in all i like camille rose products so far