Wash day hair loss diary

Please note This post was written on 2/18/2015

Wow… see why it’s important to write stuff down? I have these little baggies of hair lost during wash days and was supposed to write what I did. Pics of results and then the shed hair so I can have an objective way of keeping track of breakage/shedding etc cos memory is fallible. I haven’t, so now I am trying to remember and I simply can’t remember exactly what I did and what products since I have been experimenting in last few weeks.

Baggie 1 below is after typical mhm, no unallowed products but can’t say if I use kinky curly or Camille rose


Baggie 2 is a Co wash only can’t remember if baking soda was added a la danabnatural or not


Baggie 3 is from my wash on 2/16 that I wrote about yesterday, so products and steps documented


Baggie 4 is today (2/18) wash. I will write what I did in the next post with pics of results




There you have it! What is normal shedding, breaking for 4 c hair? Is mine excessive or normal?


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