Game Changer?

impromptu wash day 2/20/2015

So the awesome Dubaidee4c came up with a suggestion of eliminating conditioner altogether from an MHM regimen. You can imagine how excited i was considering my last hair wash episode where i omitted leave in on half my head and liked it. I went to her blog and one of the biggest things I took away from her post is that other people were running into issues doing MHM as is. All this while, apart from protectiveprincess, I have felt alone in this journey of running into problems, which inspired me to create this blog as well. So it was good to see I wasn’t alone. So my next wash day as per the every 3 day regimen was supposed to be Sunday, but I couldn’t resist trying Dee’s modification yesterday. SO here is what went down:

The situation: Hair in updo behind using upzing, front of hair in pinned twist out. I had styled 2/18 with CRAWG (camille rose aloe whipped gel). On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the ultimate softness I expect with gel like stylers, my hair felt like an 8-9

Step 1: I had left over clay mixed with milk in the fridge from last wash. So I warmed it up and applied. FYI for my clay mix, I used rhassoul, diluted evaporated/canned milk, 1tbsp honey, 1tbsp olive oil. I did leave it on for 20 minutes cos of my styling product from before and hadn’t fully read Dee’s instructions.

Step 2: Detangled lightly in shower. I didn’t stress the detangling because I knew I was going to wash again on sunday  2/21 and wanted to minimize manipulation. I rinsed, started applying gel (very diluted KKCC). After half of my hair was done, I felt I had to get out so I could see what I was doing in front of mirror and how it was looking. Looked good, had slip, since hair was soaking wet. I plan on getting a shower mirror at some point like naptural85 🙂

That’s it! Those were the steps! Things i learned and questions I have:

1) My hair might be able to do good things without traditional conditioner

2) Clay is the bomb. I have known clay is the bomb since 2013 so why didn’t i think of this lol, especially since I tell my friends and family how it can wash and condition.

3) I am not good at rinsing clay. I plopped my hair with a towel and it had clay stains, but when I look at my hair I don’t see clay bits, and when I rinsed in the shower, the water ran clear. I wonder if this has always happened but was masked by me putting leave in conditioner. So next wash, i have to triple rinse and take a paper towel or T-shirt to test for no stains.

4) Dried softer than i expected.Hair had movement in my gym class. Felt like what i consider 9/10 feeling when using a product with hold like gel. I didn’t have to scrunch or use oil. I left as is. When showering post gym i didnt use a shower cap so that some water mist could get on.

4) Questions: must the modified regimen be a clay rinse or is it ok to leave clay on for 15-20mins if i desire? can FSG actually work for me this new way? must i do this every other day like dee does or does she do it frequently cos of her work outs?

That’s all folks: here are pics

wet hair after gel. why cant my hair dry into this??? lol

these below are all dry the next day and post gym:

wpid-20150221_133944-1.jpg wpid-2015-02-22-00.02.21.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-02-22-00.03.24.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-02-22-00.42.30.jpg.jpeg

lost hair after my wash . Can't say much yet, since I did somewhat minimal detangling.
lost hair after my wash . Can’t say much yet, since I did somewhat minimal detangling.