Today’s hair

Typing this up in a hurry cos about to go visit some friends.

The situation: nothing much, just got back from gym. Hair feels fine, still has definition, could rock for another day or 2.

Step 1: Prepped my 3 products: spray bottle of water, flaxseed gel (FSG) made by soaking 1tbsp flaxseeds in 1 cup water overnight, and then boiling the next day on medium heat until foam started appearing, gave it a swirl and then strained into the bottle. I added drops of lavender, rosemary, peppermint oils. Clay: This time rhassoul and 1.4 cup water, 1/4 cup ACV (apple cider vinegar). Timer cos wanted to see how long this would take.


Step 2: got in shower, water rinsed to break gel cast and initial hair wash. Then began applying clay: very very very messy, detangled some, bath tub and walls looked like some had a bowel explosion. So before rinsing off clay I set about rinsing tub and cleaning shower curtain. Rinsed clay for what seemed like 30mins till water ran clear and i blotted with paper towel and saw no stains. Then rinsed again.

Step 3: on soaking wet hair divided into 4 sections began applying FSG. It seemed ok. Looked like I had less definition. Felt like little to no slip. Somewhat dull finish, but all in all actually looked and felt better than my earlier experiments with FSG during the original MHM. Since I am heavy handed, I ran out after section 3. Then I had the bright idea to apply my diluted kccc to the last section, so I could have a comparison of the 2 gels.

right side FSG applied (wet)
right side FSG applied (wet)
left front section was KCCC (wet hair)
left front section was KCCC (wet hair)
frontal view (kccc on our left, FSG right)
frontal view (kccc on the left, FSG right)

Step 4: Diffused (probably for the 3rd time ever since starting this method) because we are going out. Did this till 80% dry i think, then put hair in 4  sections using goody flex barrettes, for a little more stretch (doubt this will work with my shrink-loving coils:) ), while i did make up. Okay after shaking loose, I did feel like i needed something, so put a little olive oil, but i regret it, feels greasy. Will probably wash off tomorrow and restyle with KCCC and then go back to every 3 day routine with clay gel regimen. This experiment was fun!!!


DRY Results:

FSG side
FSG side
KCCC front, FSG towards back
KCCC front, FSG towards back



Lessons learned:

1) clay mix was too runny this time. Need a paste like mixture for ease of application and to minimize mess

2) FSG worked better this time than previous times, but still can’t replace KCCC as of now

3) avoid oil

4) It took me 1hr 10mins which included washing my bath tub, taking pics, prepping, clean up. Did not include diffusing time. Freaking awesome


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