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@anscoils asked about the progression of my hair. Things are still the same. I am on a low manipulation quest so I aim to do dubaidee’s method every 3 days or roughly 2ce a week, I may even stretch to once a week. My last wash was undocumented as I wrote in my last post. This was on monday. Today is Thursday i.e. day 3 hair and I will be doing a wash tomorrow. The day before wash day is also a good time to experiment with new styles for me cos I will be washing it out. So Saturday is my bridal shower and I want a curly updo. So tonight I will set my hair in perm rods so i can see how the curls look before my wash tomorrow and if good then do that friday night. Here are pics of my day 3 hair: frizzy defined and soft lol

Just back from the gym
Hair released from bun and shake shake. Notice that hair has no hang and just sticks out 🙂
Same as above - pretty shower
Same as above

Hair will not take a presentable shape unless i apply a little water somehow. I have many ways i do this. For today, i hop into shower, no shower cap. The water tends to get on the perimeter of my hair easily, but not the center. So I take my wet hands and scrunch/ rub over the still dry parts. Sometimes I use a spray bottle if I want the roots damp too and then cover with shower cap and get in the shower. Today I didn’t want roots wet or damp.

Post shower. Prior to soaping body I put hair in low bun to avoid soap suds touching and get maybe a little stretch

Got dressed, did some chores and then let loose and shake shake

Now there is some hang and 98% dry
The back


All dry now 🙂

3 thoughts on “Pics pics pics

  1. Your hair looks beautiful, so full..I would like you to follow my hair journey..and please share your comments and opinions with me! “NaturalFrameOfMind” needs you!


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