I loved all I learned from MHM and I still plan to incorporate what I gained, with my current regimen, so here goes:

PROTEIN. Every 6 weeks: Heavy protein treatment using aphogee. I did this last around April 15. I did a pre poo with olive,castor,coconut oil for a few hrs (meant to do overnight, but was lazy the night before) then washed with kinky curly come clean (first time using it and i was so scared it would be stripping, but it was actually lovely and i love that it has all natural and minimalistic ingredients….it’s a keeper for now). Used the aphogee (which left my hair feeling soft, always amazes me, because of all the complaints people have about protein). Followed up by steaming/deep conditioning for 10 mins with tresemme naturals perfectly undone mixed with camille rose curl love moisture milk (trying to use my leave ins up cos i dont need them anymore). Rinsed and did chunky twists.

CLEANSING. Every 6 weeks use shampoo to do aphogee treatment. Every 3 days or 2ce a week:  wash or cowash with clay mix. I have been using clay and apple cider vinegar. In all my years being natural i have always used store bought ACV, but given all the hype I recently bought braggs acv with the mother and truth be told i don’t notice anything special or different about it, so once this bottle finishes, i will be going back to store bought. For my last wash I used ACV, clay and tresemme and whoa it was pleasant! I have been trying to think of a way to use up my many bottles of tresemme since Dubaidee suggested eliminating conditioner, so that prompted the mix. However, it was so good, i just might keep it in the mix. It makes the clay creamy creamy which i loved.

CONDITIONING. My cleansing regimen is also my conditioning regimen. I have learned through MHM that contrary to popular belief, 4c or natural hair loves water. This is the main reason i wet my hair thoroughly in some kind of way every 3 days or 2ce a week. Also almost every time i shower, i do so without a shower cap, so that my hair gets a little mist from the shower. I think this has played a role in keeping my hair soft. Clay also has both cleansing and conditioning properties. Every 2 weeks I plan to deep condition under the steamer with millcreek protein conditioner. Monday May 4th will be my first time doing this so not sure if this will be permanent. We will see. I will definitely deep condition after my aphogee treatments every 6 weeks.

SEALING & STYLING. Camille rose naturals. Protective Styles will include: 1) chunky twists with a marley twisted bun 2) roll tuck and pin updos 3) banana clip updos 4) updo with faux afro bun 5) wigs 6) crotchet braids. Things like wigs and crotchet will be mostly in winter or rare. I have to experiment with the feasibility of washing my hair under the crotchet braids with clay mix or conditioner or ACV alone every 3 days.


1) Clay. My ideal clay is sodium bentonite. However, I have a big bag of rhassoul and a jar of aztec calcium bentonite that I am trying to use up, so I will be using those as well until done, while trying not to reach for my sodium bentonite all the time. I hate the red/brown stains of rhassoul.

2)Conditioners: Tresemme naturals perfectly undone, Mill Creek botanicals keratin conditioner, Kinky Curly KNot Today (trying to use up), Camille rose curl love (trying to use up)

3) Shampoo: Kinky curly come clean. Camille rose clean rinse (just purchased)

4) Stylers: CRN aloe whipped butter gel (holy grail), CRN almond jai twisting butter (trying to use up), Kinky curly curling custard (holy grail for my wash and gos), green curly green tea glaze and alikay naturals creme brulee (2 gels that i didn’t like for wash and gos, trying to use up, so i use them to sleek my edges)

5) Oils: CRN cocoa nibs & honey. castor, grapeseed, avocado, coconut (i have had all 4 prior to MHM). I don’t use much oils since starting MHM. Not entirely sure how they fit into my regimen now. I may use them as pre poos or on the rare occasion I do a scalp massage.

Wow, I didn’t realize how many products I have that I am trying to use up lol. I am a recovering product junkie, so I like that the longer i have been natural the more I am stream lining products. As long as I have clay, ACV and my CRN aloe whipped butter gel I can survive hair wise on a deserted island or travel trip.

Wash day today, so there will be pics in the next post and a length check post sometime next week! 🙂 Ciao!