Updates Part 1 early April

Hi guys,

So much time has passed since i updated this space. Blame it on wedding planning! Man so much has changed with my regimen I don’t even know where to begin. The biggest news is that as much as I loved the wash and go hair style with the MHM, and the easier regimen Dubaidee4c coined, I had to let it go. I just had so many tangles. When I did a minimalist detangling session, it looked like I had minimal hair loss/breakage, but when I thoroughly detangled trying to separate each strand from it’s clump, I realized that lots of my clumped coils were actually matted clumps and could not separate without turmoil and breakage. Going through this frequently, made me realize I had a great style but I wasn’t retaining length.

I don’t plan to never do the wash and go, but it will be like a treat rather than my go to styling option. FYI, i tried all  sorts of night routines to see if it would minimize the tangles but come wash day, it was still a nightmare. I tried roll and tuck, pineapple, banding, large twists, wrap. Basically, the blogs said tangles are minimized by not letting your hair have space to roam free while you sleep under your satin bonnet/scarf. It made sense, and when i would wake up and unravel hair it seemed fine, but like I said when i really did thorough detangling, i surprisingly had matted/tangled hair in certain sections, which took forever to unravel and some breakage or scissor snipping.

So here are pics of my last sets of wash and gos and shed + broken hair during them. I can’t remember what exact dates since it’s been a while:

Okay so what have I been doing? Well about 3 weeks ago, I had my hair in medium size twists, using my fav product, camille rose naturals aloe whipped gel. 3 days into the twists, I washed them with clay (so very little hair lost) and then end of the week, roughly 2-3 days more took them down (detangling was easier since hair was in a stretched state from twists) and clay washed and did chunky twists (like 6-8 twists) and held them up in a bun augmented by marley hair (again minimal hair lost). OMG!! It just clicked again, that for MY hair, if I want to retain as much length i really have to do protective styles where my hair is not free and then I can enjoy free hair days occasionally or 2 days before wash day.