Wash days

Wash day, April 28

Started with my hair in chunky twists augmented with marley hair for the bun part. Then I applied clay and tresemme. Finally finished my last bottle or tresemme radiant volume. Still have like 4 tresemme perfectly undone bottles. Rinsed off clay mix after like 20 mins. Applied CRN aloe whipped butter gel. The pics of my free hair is damp hair with the butter gel. I wonder if it would dry with the definition it has…

Wedding hair practice run:

Put my hair in 4 twists so it could stretch because I needed to practice my wedding hair style the next day or 2. Yes, I am doing my own hair for my wedding May 9 and I am petrified i will mess up. But I actually think my first attempt was not bad. On that actual day I plan to use gel on my hair as kinky curly curling custard (KCCC) gives my shine and will sleek those edges better:

Wash day, May 3rd

Felt like my hair had some build up maybe cos i used oil when doing my wedding hair style trial…not sure. Anyhow, once again the principles of MHM to the rescue. So this wash, i pre treated by spraying mix of diluted ACV mixed with drops of essential oils (tea tree, peppermint, lavender, rosemary). I detangled at this stage. The ACV really helped with that, plus it’s a good clarifier and good for scalp health.

I feel I am still trying to separate some clumped aka matted hair from my wash and go days. So each week I do a major detangle of one of my 6 sections of hair. One section thoroughly detangled is all i can manage because it can take forever to get my strands feeling separate again after months of my wash ad go. My mid-week wash is a gentle quick detangle so I don’t get as much hair loss then. Hair tip: for my really tough tangles/matts i used contact lens solution; a tip i saw online.

After ACV had been on my hair for roughly an hour, i rinsed, and then applied clay mix (this time sodium bentonite + diluted ACV + honey). Let for 20-30mins. Washed off. Then i applied diluted KCCC in an applicator bottle and saturated my roots and ends. Then I got out of the shower and applied undiluted, full strength KCCC at my ends and a 1/3 of the shaft from the ends. I am not sure what my style is going to be per se. I just know I am traveling in 4 days to Mexico for my wedding, so I will be at the beach and pools. So I am trying to figure out if I should have free hair (wash and go or similar) or a mix of free and protective. Anyhow, so after applying my KCCC i put my hair in 4 twists. Squeezed each twist to remove excess gel. I will sleep like this and decide tomorrow if i want an out style or one of my typical protective styles  🙂

Next day: Decided to wear hair out so I unraveled my 4 twists and voila. At night I plan to spray water lightly, put in 4 twists again and ghe. Good to know I can still wear my hair out in a coily state even if I decide to make protective styling my main go to style.


Hopefully, next wash will be May 6 the day before i travel. Doing all i can to maximize hydration. Should also have a list of what I am traveling with as far as hair care and needs. Might need a whole suitcase for that lol.