What my hair has been up to

Okay so  it’s been over a month so as you can imagine I am so backed up with hair updates. Been in an experimenting phase so all I can do is try to summarize some of my experiments, hoping I remember 🙂

1) Wash and go with Shea Moisture Biolipid Complex leave in: This product left hair soft and would use it for non wash and go styles but at $19.99, i don’t think it’s worth changing from my CRAWBG (camille rose aloe whipped butter gel). SO i will be returning it back to sally’s

2) Wash and Go using Cynthiarf’s Hydrafreeze detangling glaze. Check out www.sprangz.com. This gave me more definition than the above, but not sure it compares to KCCC gel for wash and gos. I will use it again now that I potentially discovered something new about my hair (see next post)

3) Bantu Knot outs:

Trial 1: using CRAWBG on slightly damp hair hair

Trial 2: styled from the puff of the hydrafreeze glaze: lessons learned: 1) styling on completely dry hair works much better. 2) The more i have to split the knots, the more i start to develop frizz and lose the curl. So next time I plan to do smaller knots that way I minimize splitting and hopefully keep the definition. Would love to experiment on double strand twist then knot vs non twisted bantu knot.

4) Experiments:

-protective styling with up dos

-reintroducing combing

-continued protein treatments

-stretching hair with sprangz