Trim day

One of my goals for the year is more frequent trimming. I was aiming for every 3 months, so today was finally trim or dusting day.

Last trim: March 2, 2015
This trim: June 26, 2015 (3 months, 3 weeks later smh)

this is why this blog was a good idea, it gives me some objectivity in tracking stuff. After looking through old posts, next dates coming up:

Length check: Dec 2015

next prof trim: Dec 2016

next self trim: Oct 1st

Last aphogee 2 step: apr 15ish (totally due for another). I am trying to make sure the major occasional things like trims and mega protein treatments, happen around the 1st of a month so that I don’t forget as easily.  I say close cos I would like to do aphogee on July 1st but that’s the middle of my hectic work week so I might do it this Sunday jun 29th. We will see. I say mega protein, because I do have minor  protein conditioners like Millcreek keratin and aphogee 2 minute reconstructor that I use once a week or every 2 weeks for like 2 to 5 minutes when in the shower. I like the aphogee 2 min, but it has mineral oil so i am wondering if the millcreek will be a good long term replacement. I told you my hair loves protein!! At least so far. 🙂 next protein after July 1st-ish, should be Sept 1st-ish. Awesome to be able to keep track.

Last wash: wed Jun 25th. Went to the pool. Co washed with eden body works cleansing Cowash, then clay rinse, then sprayed leave in (diluted to the point of being sprayable; Camille rose leave in or kinky curly knot today and aloe Vera juice), then curlmaker. The next day, Jun 26th I applied aloe whipped gel and made medium sized twists and then dusted or trimmed the ends of each twist.

I know my trimming technique is not the best cos some shorter length strands that did not get to the end of the twist probably missed being trimmed, but I figure this is better than nothing. I will get a professional trim at some point this year or next, by God’s grace 🙂

I put my twists on rods to get a curl/body. Here are pics: