July 2nd protein day

So of course I am finally typing this post 5 days later. Shame shame. In a nutshell it was an aphogee 2 step wash day. My hair loves protein so far, which might be more evidence that I am actually high porosity not low like i thought or it could jut be because my fine hair likes the extra tensile strength. Either way, I am on a strict protein regimen, and commercial works better than the homemade stuff, for me. My hair was in twists from my last wash, so I wet it, then shampooed with diluted kinky curly come clean. Then applied aphogee to the twists and sat under hooded dryer for 1 hr. Hair mostly dried but wasn’t completely dry in some areas. Rinsed off, applied my eden body works jojoba monoi deep conditioner for 20 mins. Rinsed off, then clay rinse, then aloe vera spray mix leave in then alikay naturals creme brulee (remember curly glaze gel and alikay creme brulee are 2 styling gels i am trying to finish off since i didn’t like them for wash and gos).  Ok, so as I was applying my sealing product, one of the twists was really loose at the root, so i tried to unravel it to retwist and it was a process! It felt like my hair had locked. It was so late at night and i had work the next day, so I went to bed with images of aphogee, conditioner, clay all locked in my hair.

twisted style for work
twisted style for work


July 3rd: as soon as I got home, I wet my twists applied eden body works deep conditioner again and started unravelling my twists. I just did a finger detangle because my rule currently is to use a hair tool i.e comb in my case once a week. I had a 1 or 2 had to cut out knots but for the most part my hair hadn’t locked and the conditioner made it the process soooo much easier. I then did bigger twists for the twist out you guys saw on instagram. Maintained my twist out my doing 6 chunky twists at night and rodding the ends. Today is day 4 of not washing/rewetting my hair and so I really need to do that tomorrow.


Things i learned:

-knowing that my big protein days should be every 8 weeks on the 1st of the month makes it so much easier to keep track. the days prior to july 2nd when i actually washed, i just kept thinking about it, unlike before i would forget when i was at 6 to 8 weeks, when i chose a random day to protein treat.

Less breakage washing hair in twists but hair can lock if twists have been in over a few days to a week.

-aphogee appears to dry faster on loose hair. I can’t believe it took my hair 1 hr and a dryer to get to “dry in some areas”…so weird

-twist outs have  a chance on my hair when done on almost dry to dry hair

-i miss my wash and go 🙂


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    1. It was convenient but I wouldn’t do it again for my protein treatment and my hair wanting to loc. I would do it for a cowash, mid week. For me smallish, medium twists would work best. Big twists unravel. For the most part I wash my hair loose since I am usually in a wash and go. Thanks for commenting.

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