Camille Rose Naturals

Hi y’all!! I don’t believe in a product changing your hair. I believe in technique first and then product. So for my current regimen, it means that as long as I try to saturate/wet my hair twice a week or every 3 days (either by shampooing, clay, cowash, water only), deep condition and protein treat at certain time intervals, then I could be stranded somewhere and be able to make whatever product I am given work, even if it is not my most defined, softest look. You get??

So with that disclaimer, I am totally loving Camille Rose Naturals. As you might have seen in previous posts, I have consistently been using the ALoe Whipped Butter Gel (AWBG) for lots of styles. I love that I can use it alone for most things i.e. it’s my main moisturizer and styler. However, for a well defined wash and go, I do default to kinky curly custard. I love the smell of the AWBG, and the fact that it comes in a tub. I wish it was cheaper like $9.99 instead of $15.99 but in the words of curlynikki “I charge that to the game”. She is so funny. So here’s how my last wash went featuring some of my camille rose products:

8/8/15 WASH

-clarified in a new way (squeezed the juice of one whole lemon into a bowl and added tresemme perfectly undone). Wet my hair then put this mix on for like 7-10 mins. Rinsed

-Applied Camille Rose Algae Renew Deep Conditioner in 5 sections. Steamed for between 15-20mins. I now try to do hair in 5 sections, to make a middle section just focused on my crown and to prevent tension on it. Got that tip from kinkycurlytop on preventing crown breakage. It’s still awkward but i am trying. Rinsed.

-My favorite part. Clay rinse. Applied clay mix (sodium bentonite, coconut vinegar and water). Been trying to add molasses in my mix but forgot. Frankly I am a little tired of mixing clay. I am not a DIY type at all. So I ordered some terressentials which I hope arrives before my next wash. I have only used the lavender before. This time ordered lemon coast, sultry spice and lavender. Left clay on for the time it took me to fully shower and then rinsed.

-Usually, i style in the shower, cos usually i apply products with praying hands and smoothing the ends and  it’s quick and done. But i recently watched a mahoganycurls video and she shingled? basically she separated each clump of hair and smoothed down. I decided to try this for the 1st time. So outside the shower, I sprayed a section with my leave in (1/2 aloe vera juice + 1/2 water). Then put on the Aloe Whipped Butter gel with praying hands, then applied super diluted kinky curly curly custard over that. Then i started separating clumps and smoothing. Wow this method of styling took like 1.5 hrs but man I feel like 1) it was the most uniformly defined my hair has ever been and 2) it helped me see where my hair had matted or conjoined into clumps that could not be separated. For the most part I believe i was able to finally separate, snip off all knots, tangles except for 2 clumps. I let those be cos both wherein my crown which is already my thinnest area and i didn’t want to have 2 bald spots there, cos the tangled area was not at the ends but like mid to low shaft. So if anyone knows any magic potions for separating those webbed clumps let me know. I have been combing my hair once every week to every 2 weeks. For my in between washes, i finger detangle. This further shows me that finger detangling does not fully work for my kind of hair unless I am prepared to be less anal about tangled clumps.

-My hair was white in many areas but as hair dried it disappeared. I slept in a pineapple last night. Today I went running in the pineapple. Afterwards  i showered, without a shower cap to get some steam action. Then i shook my hair outside shower, applied Camille Rose Fresh curl to sections. This is my 1st time using this product. I have been looking for ways to refresh my curls, seal my ends without spraying water (shrinkage) or reapplying gel (can get sticky). This seemed to work great! This is Day 2 hair so still shrunken but fuller than yesterday. Hubs and I are about to go paint the town red, so I used a hair dryer to try to get some more length. It worked but 1 hr later it shrunk a little more. Lol.

Things I learned:

-conditioner + lemon clarifier didn’t wow me. I may or may not try it again

-i loved the shingling styling method results better than my faster praying hands, but the time it takes tho….

* so i lost my phone on the day of this post which delayed getting it out and i lost pics I had taken during my wash to share on here. All I have are the ipad pics of day 2 hair above. On my instagram you can see day 1 and my workout pineapple.