Sept week 1

-Protein treatment roughly 8 weeks with aphogee 2 step: check! Did that august 30th.

-this is the hair I lost during the week (wed and sun). It was quite a lot, I’d you ask me.

-with this wash day after I rinsed off my deep condish, I skipped the clay and just applied my styler. My styler was a mix of kinky curly custard, aloe Vera gel/juice and kinky curly knot today , cos I have been wanting a 1 STEP product. Tried eden body works curl defining creme on wed and DID NOT like it. It felt soft and nice 1st day, by days 2 to 3 my hair was hard and shrunken. I looked at the ingredients and like most of the common stylers it has GLYCERIN. I don’t believe my hair likes glycerin. Threw it away. So anyways I loved my kccc, kckt mix and can’t wait to test it again tomorrow

-trying to incorporate oil into my regimen a la coilyqueensrock’s regimen and nappilynigerians discussion of indian oiling .

-want wash days to look some thing like this.

WED: clay mask, styler

SUN: oil prepoo night before, shampoo, deep condition 10 to 15mins, styler


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