Hiya. So my name is Neuyogi and I am addicted to wash, style and go (WSG) aka wash and go, except that you don’t truly wash and go. The only Type 4 natural I know that washes and then goes is Hallease. Check out her you tube channel 🙂

So last week, I did a protective style updo from sun-wed. On wash day wed, I went back to my coils. I keep trying to veer off WSG because I wonder if tangles, some breakage etc are worth it. I also wonder if my hair is thinner now vs is it the clumpage? Also on our type of hair is clumping a good thing or is it a clear invitation to the hair strands to loc/web? Still don’t have answers, But like an addict I keep coming back to the style because of the ease and predictability. Will truly assess during my length check in December.

Ok so my recent experiments:

  1. ECOSTYLER GEL. So I am always on the hunt for cheaper gel options than kinky curly curling custard kccc (clearly i love to suffer). Even as I type this I am wondering whether to try flax seed gel one more time (after 3 fails lol). Anyhow I watched numerous videos and SO many naturals get fleek wash and gos with eco, like mahoganycurls, hairmary, kittykat1374, childfreecurls etc. So after my research, i went to the store, purchased Paul Mitchell The Conditioner, ampro gel and 3 ecostyler gels (olive oil, argan and krystal).

    I was optimistic because after styling, there was no flaky, white residue and the heaviness of the gels weighed my hair down so I imagined less shrinkage. Day 1 when my hair was 90% dry it was shiny, and felt decent. Day 2 after hair was completely dry, it felt like straw, shrunk as much as it typically does. Nothing could get the crunch out. I spritzed day 2 hair with water mist and applied oil lightly. It dried crunchy. Last night i scrunched with fingers, baggied. This morning it was crunchy. It didn’t matter what section (applied the 4 gels in 4 different sections). So today I washed it off and now have kccc on my hair waiting to dry. Luckily the gels were less than $2 each. The PM conditioner was almost $20 so I will be returning that.

2. TERESSENTIALS. I have only tried the lavender garden in the past which I liked but never understood why so pricey for something with bentonite clay. Well I ran across youtuber Dawnyele’s review (may she RIP) and bought the sultry spice, lavender garden, and leftcoast lemon.

OMG!!!! Now I get it. Now I truly freaking get it. The leftcoast lemon is Bae! I don’t know how other Type 4 naturals that swear by terresentials have not been raving about it. I just ordered 2 extra large bottles and a sample size for my friend to try. That’s how much I loved it. It helped me detangle, it majorly clumped my coils, hair felt soft. Nuff said.

3. KINKY HAIR CLIP INS. Ordered from hergivenhair. Can’t wait to rock these as the weather gets colder.