Sept 15 wash and trim

Wash days are supposed to be Wed and Sun, but due to my failed ecostyler experiments, washed today and then Sat will be next wash and then back to Wed/Sun.

My last 2 washes I have deep conditioned as a pre poo overnight. Seem to like it so far. Will continue to observe how that goes for the rest of the month. So last night i put CRN algae renew DC on my dry strands, put water on my hands and hair was completely white, put on a shower cap and my scarf and slept.

This morning took off cap and my hair was 99% black again. Meaning that despite the gel, most of the DC absorbed? or did it evaporate?  I think the former cos my hair felt soft, pliable. Got in the shower, washed with tresemme, but did not feel all the previous gel, conditioner was gone, so washed quickly with kinky curly come clean. After that applied my terresentials left coast lemon.  Hair then started feeling great,  clumped, and easier to work tangles, shed hair out. Then I put it in 6 sections covered with shower cap, and proceeded to so my shower routine for about 7 minutes. After which I rinsed off clay in the sections with my small hair claws attached to the ends. That’s another new thing I am experimenting with; seeing if I lose less hair if my hair is not completely loose and free during my steps. Almost like having hair in twists, except with twists, my ends still got tangled and sometimes the products wouldn’t be completely rinsed off.

Next, I applied kinky curly knot today (undiluted) to each section. Got out of the shower and then began applying my gel in front of the mirror in small sections by smoothing and separating; avoiding raking as much as possible. Since my gel was undiluted, as some sections began to dry it got harder to smooth in. At first I would spray such sections with diluted aloevera juice and it was decent enough to smooth, but then for the last 2 sections I got a new idea.  I had some left over significantly diluted kccc gel and applied that all over the section and then began to split that section into smaller pieces and use small amounts of undiluted gel to smooth and concentrate the ends. This worked much better than spritzing with water/aloe! So I can’t wait to do it all this way my next wash. Another experiment; trying to see if undiluted gel will give more protection to my strands by weighing it down more especially my ends. When it comes to just curliness/definition, I can dilute 1 part kccc to 3 or 4 parts water and get curls and less crunchy too, but it’s so light that I wonder if that contributes to some of my tangles. We will see.

At the end, my hair is now in sections secured with the little claws at the ends to see 1) if this speeds up drying time any, by having more areas of my roots exposed to air 2) reduce shrinkage a little and 3) keep ends more separate and less prone to tangle. Some youtubers band their wash and gos at then. This didn’t work for me (increased frizz and difficult to get bands out)

Lastly, I trimmed my ends this wash at the end when my hair was in the little claws, cos some were stringy. My next trim was supposed to be Oct 1st, but i guess it happened now 🙂