I had a pretty good wash yesterday, Oct 4. So I have a bottle of unsulfured molasses from my cherry Lola treatment days and been wondering how to incorporate it, since molasses can darken hair. My hair used to be jet black and then it became 1b. And since starting MHM, it’s like either color 2 or between 1b and 2. From my brief online research, it could be too much apple cider vinegar. As usual I am confused because there are people that use acv for years (aketafitgirl) and no change in hair color. I now use coconut vinegar when i have a vinegar need.

Either way, molasses is rumored to help with restoring hair color plus claims to have both moisturizing and strengthening properties, especially the ability to help with shedding, and THAT had me sold. My plan had been to mix molasses with coconut oil sat night and do an overnight pre poo, but I was lazy. So sun morning, I mixed molasses with my algae renew deep conditioner and put on my hair, donned my heating cap for 1 hr. Jumped in the shower and my hair felt gooood. I can’t fully explain, but I loved the feel and it also felt like my hair was already detangled. I didn’t feel the need to use my comb. After rinsing, I applied terresentials, then did my shower ritual, and then rinsed off. Got extra detangling with that as well. That was it. I then applied kinky curly knot today all over. Then twisted up most of my hair using aloe whipped butter gel as my sealant. As i parted my hair for twists, there was little to no resistance, which further confirmed that the detangling from the shower was decent. The front of my hair and a little strip in the back I applied curling custard. Lastly I attached hergivenhair COILY clipins to the twisted portions of hair.

P/s note to self. Did an oil rinse in my previous wash and it was an epic fail: super greasy. If I ever revisit, I have to make sure I use no more than 1/3 cup of oil, and maybe even rinse off with conditioner….but that’s an extra step of manipulation. I am seriously trying to cut down on manipulating my hair during washes. If I had my way, a big wash every 1 to 2 weeks i.e. with serious detangling and deep conditioning and then all mid week washes should just be a single water wash or something, dunno yet.