Frustration and hope

I feel like it’s been a while. So what’s been going on with my coils? So my last major wash was Sun, Nov 1. After i did my hair, I looked at all the broken hair in the tub, sink and my stringy ends and my non-thick hair and I just felt sick, frustrated, angry etc. I even asked my friends if I should get sisterlocks, but that also comes with its own maintenence and commitment, so scratch that. My friend said it took 23 hrs to install her locks and then the retwisting is about every 6 weeks for 3 to 4 hrs.

Pic on left: hair 53 wks ago. Pic on right: hair 6.5 to 8 weeks ago.

Anyhow, I decided to go back to the low manipulation hair styles I was doing  2013 through mid 2014.  At that time i felt like i was beginning to retain length and hair was thicker then compared to now. Maybe it’s all in my head, but i look at my old instagram pics and i see it. I feel I gave the wash and go life a fair trial of 1 year and 2 months. I still plan to do them from time to time as a treat,  just not my main styling option.

Back to hair wash. On sat night, I put coconut oil on my hair overnight as a pre poo. Then sun, I applied aussie moist 3 min over it and detangled in shower (Ps this bottle of aussie moist was my first and i found it decent but didn’t wow me over tresseme, so probably wont repurchase). Next I shampooed, then applied my deep conditioner mixed with molasses, steamed for 20mins, rinsed off, and applied a new product as moisturizer and styler: camille rose coconut water style setter. I liked it except that it took forever to sink into my hair, which makes me confused about my porosity again. Am I low or high? Major SIGH.

I let my hair dry with the product as is, to see how my coils would look with a cream styler alone, ‘cos anscoils visited a professional and was told gel can be responsible for thin hair and ends in some people, whether botanical or non. However, It dried into a shrunken fluffy coilyish fro, which was ok, but didn’t fill me with joy lol.

So next, I did one of my fav go-to protective styles: chunky twist updo. Put hair in 12 twists and I trimmed the ends big time cos i just couldn’t stand the stringy ends anymore.

Yep those hairs that look like tubes (pic on the right) are all the ends of twists. The bunched hair is from my detangling.

Next, added those new crotchet Senegalese twists at the top as a faux bun. Mid week on thursday, I water rinsed and  massaged my scalp, and sealed and went back into the bun. Oh yeah so till further notice, I still plan to keep hydrating by either completely saturating my hair with water mid week or ghe overnight. That is definitely one hair practice from the past year that i feel will remain beneficial. All my reading (curlygirl, mhm, tightlycurly, coilyqueens) shows that frequent saturation of hair with water helps moisture retention. I am just limiting/changing  the manipulation aspect of my hair care as much as possible.

I still plan to get a professional appointment in the near future to find out things like my porosity, health of my hair etc

Thanks for reading, will keep you posted. I feel hopeful 🙂


4 thoughts on “Frustration and hope

  1. Great post! I’m can relate to your frustrations. The bun looks great and will def give you time to do other things than hair. Cutting the ends is hard but worth it and I’m looking forward to your update once you see a stylist! I take heart in the remembering that when we seek, we find. The final answers are just a bit out of reach still… (:


  2. I like the bun sis. I really do enjoy your blog. You struck a note when you said sister locks, I’ve been watching videos/following IG pages with them for the past couple of weeks. I am drawn to them cause I wouldn’t have to detangle… I HATE detangling with all my matter how short or long it takes. Plus, I wouldn’t have to fight so hard for length retention with sisterlocs. But, I too, am just not in the mood to deal with the nuisances of learning something new right now. I’m kind of a tired soldier. Everything has it’s struggles. My hair thinned out on the ends with the wash and go’s last summer just like you are showing. For a period of time, I felt like I was always trimming. Gosh, I hope you can figure out those porosity issues soon. (I hope my comment goes thru) xoxo!


    1. Thanks for the comment and compliments. I identify with being a TIRED soldier so much!!!! LoL. Yes the length retention with locks, the styling versatility of sister locks given the small size. Just hate the length of initial install and retwisting every 6 weeks or so with a professional. And in between you still have to wash, condition and seal. As much as my hair porosity is still somewhat of a mystery to me, luckily it hasn’t been a huge deterrent in my journey so far, as far as how soft or moisturized my hair ends up feeling. So at least I am glad about that. Looking forward to your next video!


      1. Ugh, yes, the install would be a beast, especially with the small size. I guess I am also a bit afraid of not having “loose hair” in some aspects. I would be glad to let someone else fool with though, hahahaha! And, it really is an option for my for daughter. Your hair porosity issues intrigue me, and I must say that my son’s hair behaves very similar to how yours does. It really seems to have both high porosity and low porosity traits. But that is good sign that it feels soft and moisturized, so what you’re doing must be working. And kudos, for working with the wash & go’s for so long. As always, I look forward to the next update!


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