Hair salon visit ashli walker

So I am back from Nigeria, and I failed to blog about what I did to my hair prior to going… Sorry. I styled my hair in Havana crochet twists and if you follow me on instagram, then you know they were on fleek lol. Anyhow, I loved the style so much, I plan to do it again before winter is over.

OK on to today’s business. Hair rut number 10,999 lol led me to the salon again. I don’t even know what to hope for, cos I do know the one thing that always happens is they trim off like 3 inches of unhealthy ends. I have never been to a salon and they say “wow your hair is in such great condition…i don’t have to trim off anything”. Bear in mind that almost every wash I do…I see ends I don’t like and use scissors and if you followed my previous posts, dusted the ends of twists often.

The questions I have for the salon are : my porosity, my density, is my hair fine, can wash and go be my main styling option or is that unrealistic, and any product tips.

OK so I got there. Stylist is nice. She asked my concerns, and about my journey so far.  She washed hair with eluscence (clarify), then biolage cleansing conditioner (introducing some moisture back),  deep conditioned under steamer (she used a slit shower cap).


Next wide tooth comb detangled and then of course the trim (4 inches). She advises that with my hair, I trim every 2 to 3 months. I wonder if getting this done professionally for 2016 will save me these “hair cuts”. Clearly, all my dusting of twists does not seem to cut it, or something about my hair ends make stylists across different states want to cut. 🙂

She is holding up the amount to be cut and the last pic is the aftermath. You can see the “joy” on my face

She is not an advocate for finger detangling cos she doesn’t feel it gets all the shed hairs out. She feels if your hair is breaking with a wide tooth comb them there is a problem with the hair. Interesting.

Next is styling. She used As I Am hair products cos she was out of design essentials (which gives more hold). So she applied the leave in all over. Then worked in horizontal sections starting from the back. She used a fine tooth comb with still decently spread teeth, not like the typical 99c rat tail comb, to go over the section. Next she applied the twist and define cream and used her fingers to comb through/rake and then separate clumps. Suprisingly, my hair was clumping in a loser curl pattern than normal. As she got to the middle and top, hair began to dry (high porosity??) So she sprayed those sections with water before styling. My hair looks like a short, white mass, so lets see if this creamy product will indeed sink into my strands. Next, under the dryer, which as you can see she covered with a cape to make the heat distribute more evenly.



Final results dry. I am depressed that my hair is short again and dont like the way it frames my face, but amazed that this was done without gel and glad to be starting the year with healthier hair.

As for her answers to my questions:
my porosity – high
my density – medium
Hair strand – coarse
Can wash and go be my main styling option – yes, but reduce manipulation
Any product tips- steaming, heavier creams as main styler

She also feels certain coarser textures should be flatironed once a year. She says the heat breaks the bonds of the hair and then it seems for the rest of the year, the hair accepts product better and is more manageable. I am writing everything in the interest of full disclosure. Plus I feel all the things I have avoided and tried to do since being natural have led me nowhere great. So for 2016 just like 2015, I am willing to step out of my comfort zone. Oh she is going to send me an email called the “hair prescription” with all the products she used and any maintenance tips. I thought that was a nice touch.

Lastly, I leave you with a length check. I will be doing one every 2-3 months, cos that’s how often I plan to go to the salon this year. To see if I do better this year by having a professional handle my hair. As usual i will let you know my experience.

8″ all around except for some areas of the back that are 7″. This is definitely the most even cut I have gotten

I prefer it pulled away from my face when this short or in a frohawk