Happy 2016

Happy new year! Forgive me if I already said that in my last post 🙂 , but I guess we can’t have too many good wishes so it’s ok.

Hair goals:
-For 2 consecutive years, I feel like I have grown hair 4 to 5 inches but failed to retain any if it. I don’t know if it’s my hair practices or the stylists but I am definitely doing things differently this year.
1) gave in and started on themanechoice manetabolism vitamins on January 13. Will post a pic of my hair soon as my before, and 3 months or sometime later.
2) I am doing the greenhouse effect 4-5 nights a week and as such using more oil. Note that the ghe is different than baggying….just learned that.
3) wash and deep condition every week.
4) moisturize almost daily. I am prone to acne, so since I already oil nightly with the ghe, I don’t want to overdo it and  LOC in the mornings. Sometimes I just put the cream over my slightly damp ghe hair, or spray SM curl and shine mist and then apply cream, and one day I did LOC. So not quite sure which is best but definitely aiming to moisturize my ends daily.
5) minimize mid week manipulation.
6) track what I do weekly for the next 3 months hopefully