Week 1: Jan 11

I am going to do these weekly posts with categories and tags, to be organized.

Preepoo: none

Shampoo: sheamoisture JBCO. It was alright. Did not find it particularly moisturizing so do not plan to repurchase and I will return it.

Detangle: wide toothed comb with deep conditioner coating hair.

Deep Condition:  steamed wirh sheamoisture superfruit complex mask. Loved it! Good Slip and moisturizing.

Styling: applied kinky curly knot today, then grapeseed oil, then crn aloe whipped gel. Did chunky twists which I have been wearing in a faux bun (that bun is Havana twist crochet hair).

Maintenance: take bun down every night, apply oil, then ghe (showercap, then bonnet/scarf) to bed. In the morning, moisturized (focusing on ends and sometimes mid shaft) and bunned again.



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