Week 2: Jan 18

*I write most of these posts the day I complete the style, but post at the end of the week in case I had to change the maintenance or restyle during the week.

Preepoo: Sort of. I spritzed hair in the morning and sealed with CRN almond jai, put a shower cap and hat on and worked out for about 50mins, then showered for 10 mins. I am calling it a sort of prepoo because I didn’t wash etc right away and went to work. Got home at 8pm and began wash routine. The ends of my hair that were in the faux bun were still damp.

unraveled twists

Shampoo: Keracare natural textures cleansing cream. It was alright. Trying to revisit the shampoos I loved in 2013 prior to MHM. I know I used the keracare and eden body works. I can’t remember which I liked more so I started with the keracare. As of right now, I do not plan to repurchase it, but I will use it up. Probably finish it next wash or 2 ‘cos I will be heavy handed. Of note, it’s now in a bottle instead of a jar and is a new formula with slightly higher PH of 6 instead of 5. Next time I use it, i might add aloe vera juice to lower ph. If these shampoo experiments fail, I am not worried because I do like the kinky curl come clean mixed with rhassoul clay a la protective princess. But in case of traveling or times you just don’t want to mix, it’s good to have a one stop product.

Protein: aphogee 2 min reconstructor left for 4-5 mins under shower cap, rinsed

Detangle: fingers first, then wide toothed comb with deep conditioner coating hair.

Deep Condition: steamed with sheamoisture superfruit complex mask. Rinsed. Loved it.

Styling: somewhat complex.  applied CRN fresh curl (refridgerated to seal cuticles better), goal was to reproduce wash and go from salon visit with a cream styler. So in 1 section applied aloe whipped butter gel, but wasn’t looking right, so in another section applied coconut water style setter, still getting same semi defined afro look, then as i approached the front, i saw the fresh curl was beginning to be absorbed in the hair and there was still slip, so I applied curl maker (the CRN gel) to those sections and I liked it better. So I began applying the gel to the back as well. Sat under laila ali ionic dryer for 1hr. It felt and looked good BUT it was white product, flake city. Probably because I layered so many products.

Maintenance: The next day Jan 19, I debated whether to wash it out and restyle vs keep to my resolution this year to only heavily manipulate my hair once a week. I couldn’t take it, so I washed it out. Take 2 was much shorter: cowashed with eden body works cleansing cowash, applied fresh curl as leave in and then curlmaker gel, sat under dryer for 30mins this time and I was all done. I have been spraying with SM curl and shine mist randomly  and at night I apply my oil (alikay naturals) concentrating on ends, GHE overnight with hair in 2-4 puffs depending on my laziness, fluff next morning and go. On day 6 and 7, i had a twist and curl, and bantu knot out respectively that were both failures because they became a curly fro; didn’t take pics. Probably because of glycerin in the fresh curl i had used as a leave in would be my guess for why it didn’t hold. Meanwhile, my hair continues to feel soft and moisturized. Is it the GHE-ing? Is it the glycerin from the fresh curl? Glycerin usually makes my hair dry, so I am surprised given it’s winter. Maybe because the glycerin was in the leave in  portion of the LOC method so was properly sealed? No clue

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Product junkie cravings: Aphogee curlific texture treatment, Eden body works shampoo and oil, Mane choice line if the reviews are great, but long term I am not about that ordering most of my products online life


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  1. I think you hair is so cute, that puff and frohawk were perfection! I’m really feeling the cut, it really looks so healthy.


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