March 2 Wash Day

So wash day was da bomb hair fail. You’ll see what I mean. So if you have been following me here or on other platforms, you know I have a weird work schedule, thanks to being in healthcare. I work 7 days straight and then I am off 7 days. My 7 is wed to tues and then off  the next wed to tues. So wash days happen on Wed or tues. On the 7 days of work, I need a style that will last all week so that tends to be a protective style or not….I did a twist and curl last work week. And then my week off, is my experiment week or out style week, so it’s usually when i try new wash and go products or techniques.

On March 2, I had been itching to try MissMusic’s technique (love her channel and blog).

Shampoo: Experimenting with TGIN (Thank God I am Natural). I washed my hair with the shampoo – it was the bomb dot com. I am sorry kinky curly come clean, you have been replaced!

Protein: none

Deep condition: I applied shea moisture high porosity hair mask to deep condition under the steamer. Hard to say if this left my hair feeling great or if it was the residual from the shampoo. I do know that I did not feel the slip was enough. I need a slippery DC, because I detangle right after applying the deep conditioner and before I steam. ALso it did not alter the amount of hair I lost in the drain. In fact I shed more hair this week than last week when I used aphogee curlific, maybe because i had an out style? dunno.

Detangle: Fingers first, then wide tooth seamless hercules Sageman comb. I am still trying to figure out the best time to detangle. I lose more hair dry detangling than wet, but all the blogs say wet hair is the most fragile, some do it after the deep conditioning process, but i worry with steaming because aren’t the cuticles now open and hair even more moist and fragile?

Styling: Rinsed DC, applied TGIN green tea leave in – this product also felt like da bomb dot com. Then i got out of shower, applied super wet gel in sections and shingled. This gel felt thick, not much slip and was only 99 cents! Next I sprayed the hair with water and applied a second gel lightly like she did, the Garnier Pure clean gel and also used that time to remove excess product. I was nervous cos the Garnier didn’t have many if any oils like I thought she said it would and it had glycerin which makes me nervous.  I sat under my Laila Ali ion dryer for 30 mins and I was good to go. The hair actually looked good, hence da bomb, but then the next day was Thursday and some of the white flakes in front wouldn’t disappear. But most importantly, despite crunching the crunch and applying oil my hair just felt crunchified and shapeless, hence the hair fail. The next day was Friday and we had activities planned that day and all weekend for my birthday and I just wasn’t feeling birthday-fabulous with the hair. Plus i am really wary now of leaving my ends crunchy, since length retention has been a problem, so I washed it off the next day. I plan on using the super wet gel again on it’s own next time without the pure clean. And maybe add an oil somewhere in the steps. I can just see my KKCC gel looking at me, smiling, saying “you are tripping, you will never find a gel you like as much as me that is cheaper”.



Remember my wash and go (pics below)  from my hair salon visit january 7? See how it actually hangs rather than spiked out like above? That’s how much crunch I have above. PS is my hair growing? It’s 2 months


Maintenance: So on Friday, i prepooed ends of my hair with Camille Rose naturals algae renew. Then I washed 2ce with Eden body works co wash. Mental note to self for next wash; try pre pooing/detangling with this co wash as the slip is insane! Then I applied Aphogee keratin 2 min reconstructor ‘cos of the hairs i shed wednesday. Kept on for 5 mins while doing showerly stuff, rinsed off and applied TGIN leave in, sealed with Alikay Naturals oil and then braided in 4 corn rows and slapped on my new crotchet wig, thanks to nicole from etsy. I am also eyeing this wig. I will GHE with oil every other night. Been slacking on taking my manetabolism vitamins with bottle number 2…phew. I plan to wash hair on Tuesday night before work and wig it up again.

crotchet wig. waiting for some straight wigs i ordered from Aliexpress as well.

Product Junkiesm: I can’t wait to buy the rest of the TGIN line…well specifically the rinse out conditioner, Hair mask and twist butter cream. However, I have told myself not to do this until I use up my current stash: camille rose natural algae renew conditioner, aloe whipped butter gel, almond jai twisting butter and shea moisture high porosity mask. I threw away curl enhancing smoothie *hides face*. I want to try the super look gel from dollar tree thanks to aaron harris, but if it has glycerin i might have to pass. I want to try other foam wraps after the success i had with my twist n curl. I also want to try the Mane Choice line if anyone wants to gift that to me. I have no plans to order it online unless it consistently keeps coming across my radar on the you tube channels of type 4 naturals that I trust. But if I run across it in the stores, especially the gel….I can’t promise anything 🙂