Update from twist and curl

So my twist and curl from last week (inspired by Mismusic of alove4me blog) lasted the whole week pretty much. I work out a decent amount so by day 3 , I refreshed by Bantu knotting the hair into 8, did not like the outcome. It had more frizz and less uniform curls than if I had left it as is. That night after work I sprayed the dry hair with design essentials setting lotion and did 6 large twists and set on the rods and then I was back in business for the rest of the week.  I wanted to take a pic from day 1 – 7 but I got lazy and my phone camera sucks so it’s a lot of work to get good pics. My iPad gives better pictures but is not as convenient to take on the go and do a quick selfie at work. Anyways this will definitely now be one of my go to out styles, and can’t believe I have been natural this long and only just discovered the benefits of setting lotion, foam wraps  for styles like Bantu knots, twist n curl and even twist outs! I also used a trick from kimmaytube when separating: separate the roots mostly and leave the ends unless it very easily naturally splits as you do roots. It preserves the definition better while giving the fullness dose of us with less dense strands desire.