March 16


Prepoo: for a few hrs while i lay in bed with aphogee curlific texture treatment. Then applied the eden body works cleansing cowash on top of that for detangling since it has slip. Fingers first, then wide tooth seamless hercules Sageman comb.

Shampoo: Still loving  TGIN (Thank God I am Natural).

Protein: none

Deep condition: Used the TGIN triple moisture replenishing conditioner mixed with tropic isle castor oil/red palmetto oil and sat under the steamer for 15 minutes. rinsed.

Styling: applied TGIN green tea leave in and then the butter cream and cornrowed. Rocking my wig again this week :). Easy peasy wash day.

Thoughts: I always take pics of my lost hair but how do i track them? lol. I think i need to do a monthly collage of just lost hair, and that way if a month or week looks good, i can see what i did different.





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