March 30/31

Prepoo: overnight with aphogee 2 min reconstructor. Man the next morning my hair felt soft and i do believe it helped me finger detangle only. Next overnight pre poo will be with aphogee curlific. I think the amount of hair lost for 2 weeks was not bad.* i did a good job keeping my hair moisturized these last 2 weeks under my wig or maybe it’s the TGIN products. Couldn’t believe how soft my hair was feeling hence the smile! I wet my corn rows 2ce, GHE’ed overnight 2 or 3 times and sealed with applying castor oil, tgin leave in and butter cream.


Shampoo: Still loving TGIN (Thank God I am Natural). Side note: After shampooing, I went to a gym class for 1.30hrs with hair in bun and then came home to continue my hair day. This speaks to how non stripping this shampoo is, and that hair should not take over your life activities or come before your health 🙂

Protein: see pre poo

Deep condition: Used the TGIN honey hair mask under the steamer for 20 minutes. rinsed. Hair felt soft and yummy. But yikes, this product will only last me 2 uses. I am going to have to alternate with a cheaper product. I am eyeing the eden body works mask.

Styling take 1, March 30: Finally settled on wash and go. kinky curly knot today leave in and then experimented with super look gel. Thoughts: Okay non-existent readers, I am done. Why do I keep torturing myself? Experimenting with all these cheaper gels? Well this was no exception, it has no slip so was hard to apply. Looked somewhat good initially, but after it dried, my hair did not feel like it had protection and felt dryish with the sticking up semi defined fro-ish look.

Styling take 2, March 31: Tried to talk myself into wearing my failed style 1 for the week into a puff to minimize manipulation…but I just couldn’t. So, I cowashed with a new product; MyDNA hydrating cowash, combed with my seamless comb to detangle. Then applied kinky curly knot today and kinky curling curling custard (my gel of life apparently)


Final Thoughts: MyDNA cowash was not bad at all, but I still prefer the eden body works co wash. I have experimented with ampro, ecostyler krystal, olive, argan, protein, wetline extreme, super wet, superlook, curly glaze green tea, cynthiarf detangling glaze, CRN curlmaker and KCCC. The winner is still KCCC followed by the curlmaker. I feel like I should be done experimenting, but there is 1 gel left: the mane choice biotin gel. I may or I may not, but not anytime soon and definitely not if i have to get it online…unless my friends Anscoils or Protectiveprincess recommend it sha 🙂

My hair thrives with protective styling so why am I still drawn to wash and gos? lol.

I have not forgotten about my 2016 hair resolution, to go to a professional every 3 months to see if this helps me avoid the yearly major cut they seem to give me. My last appt was Jan 7 so I have made an appt at a new salon for Apr 5. Wish me luck. I have no expectations and like I said doing this to see if frequent professional trims help me retain length. Hopefully I do a length check before and after.

Oh and lastly, I bought 2 bottles of manetabolism in Jan and I took the first bottle religiously and with the second bottle I slacked off. I am not a pill popper and so hair vitamins will just not be a part of my life after (if) i get through this bottle. Hopefully my non pill supplements and diet can supply my hair with nutrients. I take liquid fish oil, gummy vit D, gummy prenatal, gummy/citrus powder probiotics. Yep, I am a baby. Have a good week yall!

*hair still wet so will post pics of dry wash and go tomorrow or the next day