April 4, 2016 at Hi Texturez salon

In keeping with my resolution for this year,  I went to the professionals for my 3 month trim.

My super quick pre salon length check cos i was running late: 9 inches in longest areas and 8 in the back:

This was a different salon from the last.  I didn’t have much expectations.  Definitely expensive.  $15 for trim,  $25 for hydration treatment,  $75 for style.  Am I still expected to tip after all that????

In keeping with the theme of most salons I have been to, she did not think things like porosity and hair type were important.  Some how by looking and feeling they can tell whether the hair is “unhealthy”.  Anyhow,  she said I had good curl definition (remember my last style was a wash and go) ,  and then as she shampooed she asked how frequently I wet my hair because she noticed the cuticles we somewhat “raised”.  I told her frequently either by spritzing or wetting.  She advised I not do that,  because of what sounds like hydral fatigue.  She wants me to focus on applying a moisturizer to my hair daily.  Yes,  she said daily… (Which the simple thought of doing that automatically makes me break out in acne). Anyhow we shall see.  Plus how do you daily moisturize a wash and go? But hey I am willing to do anything to keep my ends alive to prevent these trims.

After shampoo came steaming. Then she comb/brushed detangled,  then blew dry the hair.  She said about 2 to 2.5 inches needed to come off due to splits. After seeing my face,  we settled on gradual trims,  so she took 1 inch off.  She claims the daily moisturizing will help reduce my future splits.  At this point I dont know. My ends are on a whole other level of special-Ed , category of hair.  How is it that someone that avoids heat,  mostly does low manipulation styles,  weekly treatments,  accumulates that many splits since January 7???? Ughhh

Post trim and my unhappy face


After the trim,  she did a flat twist updo which I promptly took down when I got home cos I wasn’t feeling it.  Rocked my wig for the week.  I really miss my hair stylist from Cincinnati,  Ohio 😦

Next trim will be either at 2 months first week of June or more likely 3 months around the first week of July.