May 3-16 hair diary

Hi everyone. This has been a simple and yet interesting almost 2 weeks of hair. I will try to keep the word text brief as I have loads of pics. Let’s go.

Prepoo: None

Cleanse 1: shampooed with TGIN, then aphogee 2 min reconstructor overnight

Cleanse 2: cowashed the aphogee off using eden body works, then deep conditioned with heat using TGIN honey mask

Moisture: LOC method. L- tgin leave in diluted with aloe vera juice, OC – combined cos TGIN twist and define cream has oils and butters

Style: I am on a length retention journey and part of that plan means choosing a style where I can at the very least moisturize/oil my ends daily to every other day. I am a working professional and my hair is short to medium and low density so I have to be very creative. I chose twists. As you can see from the pics, I had to pin them up in some sort of updo cos of scalpiness. I also wanted some hair in my face – enter crotchet twists for the bangs. Today I unraveled the twists for a bomb twist out in terms of definition and hair feels moisturized thanks to every other day loc, and almost daily moisturizing/oiling ends. I did not split the twists further  after unraveling (really trying to stick to low manipulation) so not much volume, but I actually still love the look; it’s like i have finger coils or something. Will be interesting to see how it evolves till wash day on Monday May 16th. I have no idea how I will be maintaining this at night :). I may continue taking daily pics until wash day. I love that I got multiple styles from these twists for 2 weeks.