June 13

The Wash Day Experience

Some things were different this wash day so excited to write, before I forget.

Prepoo: inspired by KLP of savingourstrands, I spritzed my hair with her diy moisturizing spray (mix of aloe vera juice, glycerin, and vitamin E oil). Then I applied aphogee 2 min reconstructor over my now damp hair and finger detangled. It took me about 45mins to detangle and since this was new, I went over each section with my seamless comb at the end and yes, the hair was detangled and nothing snagged on the comb.

Shampoo: the usual

DC: I organized my product cupboard yesterday so this allowed me take stock and i have 4 deep conditioners apparently: Camille rose coconut penetrating treatment, TGIN honey mask, Shea moisture high porosity mask and eden body works jojoba deep conditioner. So I will be using them randomly to use them up before purchasing more. Today I used:

I applied the deep conditioner and twisted my hair into 7 sections secured by these little girl clips. I used my thermal heat cap cos i didnt want to be tethered and rinsed in the twists, hence the minimal hair lost in that stage when you see the pics way way below, unlike when my hair is loose

Style: After rinsing deep conditioner, I applied castor oil to my hair, then kinky curly knot today (yep brought out an old player) and then used Camille rose almond jai to twist my hair into medium twists. I then styled the twists in an updo augmented with crotchet twist extensions.

I cant flat twist properly; so by doing really linear, rectangular sections, my twists look like flat twists 🙂


-see when i say my hair is fragile, I am not joking. Here are pics and you can see through every stage of wash day, i lose some strands. Protein and the trims have helped though, I must say.

-i have told myself not to fall for hair growth gimmicks but I keep failing. I struggled to finish 2 bottles of the manetabolism vitamin (i hate pills). I bought farmavita tricogen lotion but scared to use it consistently because it has denatured alcohol as one of the top ingredients (to be fair it’s supposed to be scalp only, but hair is in contact with scalp so makes me nervous). I own camille rose naturals cocoa nibs growth oil and just got a new bottle. I wish I hadn’t bought that bottle, because today at the beauty supply while buying my crotchet hair, guess what I saw? The manechoice products! I resisted the gel, shampoo, conditioner but could not resist the growth oil. It had such an awesome ingredient list. All this is to help my edges, crown and a spot on my right temple. We will see. Wish me luck. Now I am going to have to use up the camille rose oil some other way…maybe instead of the castor oil for my next wash.

-i like the concept of wearing gloves while detangling for extra slip and to protect my hair from snagging on my ring, because my ring hurts to take off due to my big knuckles :). However, gloves feel like i cant really feel my hair so i tend to manipulate more (which i hate) to be extra extra sure i am not missing any thing. Well i had the bright idea to rip a glove and wrap it around just the ring part. Worked nicely.

-With my work schedule (7 days work, 7 days off), I plan to go through the wash steps above every 2 weeks (on my day prior to starting a work week) and on alternate weeks  (my last day of work for the week) I will have a quicker session which will consist of: a less than 10 minute barely detangling prepoo session, cowash and rinse out conditioner kind of day only. That way I am only heavily manipulating every 2 weeks by detangling (trying minimalistic detangling courtesy of protective princess).




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