June 21 Wash Day

Today is the short wash, meaning I only want to be in the shower once and ideally washing to styling should be under 1 hr. If you want to know about my longer wash, see my previous post. My style today is something I haven’t done in years so it took longer (1hr take down old style and wash, 40 mins to install style, 1hr under dryer). If it was my usual updos, wig or a wash and go that time goal should have been feasible.

Prepoo: savingourstrands diy recipe for moisturizing spray (mix of aloe vera juice, glycerin, and vitamin E oil) and then applied MY DNA cowash (yay finally used up and not repurchasing) and finger detangled lightly. I guess my mini review of the My DNA Cowash is that it is okay, nothing terribly bad, just doesn’t have the same amount of slip and lathering effect I love with the Eden Bodyworks cowash. Before jumping in shower, I heated my thermal heating cap in microwave and put in empty grocery bag to preserve heat.

Cleansing: Got into shower and cleansed with Eden Body works cleansing coconut cowash and a new product; vanity planet’s shower scalp stimulator.


DC: Since it’s a short wash day, applied TGIN moisture replenishing conditioner (just found out this conditioner has dimethicone which I find worrisome), then put on shower cap, then thermal cap, then another shower cap (i need to buy stock in those things) while I cleansed my body, and rest of my shower routine. This took roughly 7 minutes today, but this step can be as short as 2 minutes to as long 10 mins depending on what I need to do in the shower 🙂

Moisturize: TGIN leave in -> Camille rose cocoa nibs oil (trying to use up) -> TGIN twist and define Cream. Was torn between using the TGIN butter creame vs the twist and define. I chose the twist and define finally because it didn’t have glycerin and hopefully that would help my style last longer


Style: Hair was in 6 sections from the beginning. I applied Beautiful textures curl defining mousse as my setting lotion. Aimed for 8 curlformers per section. With each mini-section, I would 2 strand twist the root twice which helped me use the curlformer hook without snags. I got this tip from the savingourstrands blog. She also says it will provide a natural split for curl separation, which minimizes frizz when trying to split your curl. I used my hands to smooth and then applied the curlformer. Note that I did not use a comb or brush through my entire process. I sat under dryer (laila ali ionic dryer) for 1hr and then went about my day…indoors :). Then took the curlformers down at night before bed (sleeping with them is not comfy).



-Years ago I bought bootleg curlformers and they were fine, but now that I am a working lady, I decided to buy the real thing 🙂 I got the set of 40 and 1 supplemental pack of 8 in LONG and WIDE which is for hair up to 14 inches. I figure if my hair grows longer than the curlformers then that would be amazing and the longest my hair has ever been. I won’t throw away the boot leg ones yet as those are extra long and who knows I might need them.

-Interestingly, I lost maybe a strand of hair or 2 during the install, which was much much less than when i am installing my twists or cornrows for a protective style.

-The pre poo step was not necessary and prolonged things. If I really want to prepoo before a short wash, I should apply the product  (e.g. an oil) overnight.

-The addition of a holding product was to make the curls last longer. I discovered through hair blogs; that foam wraps, setting lotion, mousse etc can help natural styles set and last longer like twist outs, bantu knot outs, curly sets so I have been trying them on the rare occasions I have those styles. I currently own Bronner brothers setting lotion (i liked it), design essentials (don’t like it) and the beautiful textures mousse. Being  a product junkie there are many more I would like to try, but i have to finish or use up the ones i own before getting a new batch. Check out this post on black girl with long hair about setting lotions and our hair.

– There were no flakes yay! I also deliberately went really light on my LOC moisturizing step.

-Despite the mousse the curls did not last through a sweaty work out as you can see from day 2 pics. When i woke up day 2 the curls were still popping under my bonnet so I wonder how long they would have lasted if I didn’t work out, but that’s not an option. I will do this style again on my next short wash, which will actually be a trim day too and I will use setting lotion instead of the mousse. We will see if that makes a difference with my post gym hair. In my next post I will let you know what I did the rest of the week. How was your wash day? Tell us about it in the  #WashDayExperience  at savingourstrands blog

Ciao 🙂


The Wash Day Experience