July 5 Trim day

Man…I need to get this post out before my laziness overwhelms me, especially since it’s a trim day and not just a regular short wash day. Must document document! I am hoping to be done typing this up by the time I am done steaming my hair for long wash day. By the way, my long and short wash days is an oxymoron most times. Long wash day has more steps than short wash hence its name, but since  it’s usually done before my work week, my hair is usually in a protective style so it actually takes a shorter time overall. Short wash day has much fewer steps, but since it’s the prelude to my off week, I am usually in an out style and so that actually takes much longer to achieve and even longer if it’s something that needs to be dried overnight. Crazy. Ok back to post.

Prepoo: none

Cleanse: Eden body works cleansing cowash (this is a staple of all staples).

Condition: For approx 5 mins in shower with TGIN moisture replenishing conditioner. It has dimethicone so I won’t be repurchasing. It will be replaced with a camille rose or eden rinse out conditioner. (still have 1 more application left).

Moisturize: sprayed pure aloe vera juice on hair, then applied a mix of flax seed gel (FSG) and aloe vera gel (AVG), then applied Nairobi setting foam and put some curlformers in. Interestingly, I liked the feel of FSG + AVG instead of all my previous wng experiments with FSG alone (tip from high porosity bloggers).

Trim: So so easy. I got this idea of trimming with stretched hair from protective princess. This video might just change your life, so check it out HERE. I removed each curlformer and then trimmed, as such I never got lost. Hair was stretched so I could see exactly where ends were ratty. Ps, my hair dries super fast fast without product and super super slow with product, so I sat under my Laila ionic hair dryer to get the process going. Basically for most of my sets you can safely assume I sat under the dryer. I do plan to experiment one of these days with sleeping in the curlformers overnight….sweet Jesus though.

Results through the week: I would just like to say that pin curling and an occasional bantu knot at the front some nights; was very helpful in keeping the hair in a curly state even with frizz and puffiness in some areas. On nights I pin curled, I would oil the ends with either castor oil or the mane choice hair growth oil, and prayed the oil was protecting my dry ends even if not moisturizing the strands. I have now experimented with setting lotion and setting lotion+ gel and my conclusion is that as long as you plan to work out, your type 4 curls/coils with this style will not look as good as day 1, but it can still look fab! I think the best thing to do will be to save my curl formers for the weekends which are my rest days from working out, and will only need to worry about the drying effects of setting lotions for 2 days rather than 1 week!

Ooops I forgot to take pics of days 5 and 6 which were cute too 😦

Since I don’t plan to blog fully about today’s (july 11) wash, i’ll just say detangling was a breeze which means my trim was effective. This made me happy because after 6 days of no water products on my hair (to preserve the curl) that had been set with setting lotion and gel, my hair felt dry. For now I plan to do 2 dutch braids and apply my clip in extensions or some other quick protective style.

How was your #washdayexperience

The Wash Day Experience