Loose Twists

Hi y’all. So from approx Aug 21 till Sept 16 I rocked some twists. After my extra long wash day I installed some loose twists. Fo those that aren’t familiar, loose twists are two strand twists done loosely because it gives volume and is fast to install. I twist mine tightly or firmly at the roots 2-3 times and then loosely down the hair shaft and then firmly at the ends again. On me, they tend to look like locs which made me get the itch to get locs. However, when I took my twists down I rocked some curlformers and this is what I would miss with locs :). Sorry I don’t have pics from day 1 or even week 1. I hope the twists looked neater then lol.

I tried to apply oil and creamy moisturizer to my ends (daily to every other day) and sometimes the entire hair (every few days).  I  want protective styles that allow me wet my hair at least weekly, so I was struggling for how to make this happen with my loose twists without making some strands escape from the twist since it’s so loose.  At the end of week 2 I bit the bullet and washed my hair. I did not deep condition due to the same concern, just did the LOC method. Yes my hair was frizzy after my wash. I won’t share the details of that until I figure out how I will be doing it. At the end of week 3, I unravelled my twists for a twist out. You will see from the pics, that the only difference in texture is more volume with the twist out, but they still looked like locs (4c hair magic LOL)!!!

Twists vs twist out


More twist out pics below:


I won’t lie, some days at work (bear in mind that I am in healthcare), I felt a little rough. No one said your hair is looking nice like they usually do :). I just had to fake the confidence and focus on my long term goal. I do plan to do the twists a little tighter next time. I did like the twist out.