October 2016 twists

So here are pics of what my October install of twists were up to for the month. Once a week, I cowashed with a cleansing conditioner (my staple for cowashing is eden body works), followed by 3-5 minute deep conditioning with a shea moisture rinse out conditioner. I will rotate between these, although I am not sure whether to rotate weekly, monthly or when I am done with 1 bottle go to the next. I am leaning towards monthly:


The first week I washed in cornrows. The last week I left the twists loose. I had less frizz with cornrows, but loose I feel I am getting more out of the mini deep conditioning. Oh well. My last week, I travelled to Maryland and so instead of twist out or an out hairstyle, I put in my dying, now ratty, coily clip ins from Her Given Hair. They have served me well many times, but I really need to throw them away at this point 🙂 I am hoping to get the Kurly Klips brand for Christmas or post thanksgiving sale. I plan to wig it up for the cold months, ‘cos it will be like wearing a hat. I will still keep up with my weekly/monthly regimen. My goal is 12 to (dare I say )15 inches by my cousins wedding May 27, 2017!!! I can’t even imagine such a thing. Please don’t judge me if I fail lol. I believe I am at 10″ so 12″ is attainable, it’s 15″ I balk at. I plan a trim using curlformers to stretch my hair; either end of Nov or Dec as ends are getting gnarly.

By the way, in case anyone out there was wondering….yes, I do feel a somewhat self conscious wearing my twists down because I don’t have full hair and unless it’s frizzy you can see scalp sometimes. But my easiest hair days are when its down and I have a hair band, no worries about bobby pins and what my marley hair is doing. The weeks I wear down, I also do better at moisturizing the ends almost daily. So I shrug my shoulders, fix my focus on my long term goal, and rock my thin twists, trying to exercise patience for when they get longer 🙂 Don’t be discouraged if you are like me and don’t have those extra juicy, plump twists. Welcome to my new readers, what’s been going on with your hair?


3 thoughts on “October 2016 twists

  1. You know what? I wore Mini Twists for years and they just did not help in terms of retaining length. I also did not like the twists at the length I was stuck at. In addition, I hated the shrinkage after moisturizing or washing them. My hair always looked like it was not growing. I always lost hair during the take-down. After having that same look for so many years, and experiencing hair damage, I just got so sick of Mini Twists. Maybe if they were plump, I would have rocked them. They were thin unless I did Medium-sized ones which did not make my hair look full at all. But I love how you got creative with yours using Marley hair and clips-ins during the last week.


    1. Thanks dear! Yes, i feel you cos in the past i used to struggle with the take down and detangling process until i found a way that worked for me. This whole thing is one big trial and error. Thanks for commenting ☺


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