January wash day

Phewy, i wasn’t feeling well Jan 11 (wash day) so it literally took me that entire day to do my hair. I detangled in bed slowly, taking breaks to hydrate, eat etc lol.

1) prepooed night before with aphogee 2 min reconstructor

2) detangled with my fingers, using olive oil in some sections

3) wanted to clarify cos the last 2 weeks my hair has looked dull to me and despite moiturizing frequently, would feel dry. Don’t know if my wig stocking cap is affecting this too. I don’t have any sulfate shampoos so i had to use nizoral anti dandruff shampoo that i found in visitor’s bathroom. I plan to buy avalon organics lemon clarifying shampoo.

4) deep conditioned under steamer with CRN coconut water deep penetrating treatment. Yep hair felt great.

5) Rinsed and then moisturized with spritzing aloe vera juice first to close cuticles, then my eden body works peppermint jojoba oil, then CRN curlaide butter.

5) styled by installing 8 flat twists to wear under my wig . Oh my gosh pls forgive me when you see the pic of my twists below, they are soooo ugly lol. That’s because i suck at flat twisting and the pics are after twists were washed and conditioned under steamer ‘cos I didn’t take pics until a week after this post was first drafted.

6) Wigs: When i get the wigs, I cowash them, then remove all the combs. Next i use the elastic band method to secure the wig (lots of you tube tutorials on that). Then i tweeze, pluck any hairs in my part that i need to, to make the part wider/more natural. Depending on the wig, i may have to use glue at just the front part of the part, or a bobby pin at the nape or sides. That’s it!


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