March already?

Hello. Anyone still  there??? Lol. Phew here I am almost 3 months later. I have been living  the minimalist hair life ‘cos of a couple of life changes: 1) new job Feb 1st 2) moved 3) pregnant with first child. So I have absolutely zero energy. Like I have worked out a total of 3 times maybe  in the last 5 months of pregnancy kind of low energy. So what does this mean for my hair?

-beginning of the month  are my protein treatments. So early March I shampooed with a clarifying shampoo then applied aphogee 2 min reconstructor. The plan was to proceed with deep conditioner under steam but I felt like I was going to pass out (I keep having that symptom) so I rinsed off, left the shower, sat down and proceeded with moisturizing and styling. I have been using mama daye ‘s LAOC method which is my leave in, aloe vera juice or gel, oil and then cream (tgin butter cream or twist defining cream). If you are high porosity hair check out her video on LAOC. By the way I have tried to let go of the TGIN line, because the butter cream and rinse out conditioner have some form of silicone.  So I focused on using only camille rose naturals (CRN), but man with CRN, I have to remoisturize 2-3 times a week while with the TGIN butter cream, my hair retains moisture till my next wash. So for now, I will keep using it since I do shampoo and see how it treats me long term. The twist & define cream and the leave in don’t have cones and i love them.

-with my new work schedule, I now wash/wet my hair on the weekend. So frequency is still once a week. So last weekend March 12 I had my hair in twists. Due to low energy I cowashed with a staple; eden body works, for the desperate/rare times I have to co wash. Then went on to moisturizing. During the cream step was when I unraveled each twist and retwisted, which took 30 minutes including stopping to take the pictures.

-speaking of twists, I am trying to get my hair to memorize parts or sections and then style from those sections. I first heard about this from kimmay tube and then protective princess. This reduces manipulation when styling long term. Mine works best with 14 twists. Sounds like a lot but you will see from the pics below that they are actually large and not tiny at all. Kimmay uses 10 and Protective princess has 6 to 7 parts i believe. Check her out here. So last week I had the twists in a top bun. This week twists in a low bun. Next week I plan twists in a fro hawk. All my twist buns are augmented with twisted Marley hair. For the month of February I still had my wig the first 2 weeks and then a roll and tuck bun the remaining weeks. So yes, I am still on the low manipulation life.


high shrinkage life


2nd week of March:

-Frankly as you can see it has been a struggle to deep condition. But I believe weekly wetting , low manipulation and good moisturizing steps have kept my hair thriving. First week of April is supposed to be my next hair trim (4 months), plus protein treatment. I usually do a fully stretched style with curlformers etc to get a good look at the ends to trim. But this means a long wash day.  I have no idea yet how I am going to modify to fit my low energy, almost daily fainting life currently. Stay tuned.


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