TRIM DAY April 2/3 2017

This post can be summed up with:

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”- Robert Burns

Let’s get into it.

So I was already dreading this wash weekend. It was 4 months after my last trim and the beginning of the month = trim and protein treatment time.  A protein treatment, deep condition and trim with the way I am feeling would have to be broken down into a minimum of 2 days. My plan was to wash and overnight protein treat on Sat, then detangle, deep condition, roller set and trim on sunday. That way I would know what my hair was looking like post roller set and if it would last for Monday my work day or be turned into an updo. Well…on Sat hubs proposed an impromptu staycation at a local hotel. Staycation vs epic hair wash day? Yeah staycation and quality time with hubs won. We came back today Sunday afternoon and at the back of my mind was well you can still do a marathon wash day, quickly followed by maybe just remoistirize your loose chunky twists and do epic wash next weekend. After a 5 minute conversation with myself, I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up and it was 7pm…whoa whoa whoa! Suddenly I had an idea and this is how it went:

  1. Went to the bathroom, took down banana clipped twists and noted hair was soft and did not have build up/white chunks. Side note: last wash day I made what is a super human effort for me to use my products lightly. I am soooo heavy handed as you can see from “white” twists in previous posts which is fine until I want to rock a twist out (see pics) at the end of my protective style then i see white residue in certain spots. So I was pleasantly surprised to achieve hair that stayed moisturized all week despite lightly applying product. Again TGIN rocks my world.

                            rocked my twist out last weekend despite some white spots

2. Hmm since hair is soft and no build up, why don’t I roller set on unwashed hair and trim in the morning before work? And then next weekend, all I have to do is protein treatment and deep condition without worrying about stretching hair, trimming etc. HELL YEAH.

3. Since I had never done this before, it took me a minute to choose my products. I needed to remoisturize but I didn’t want build up and I needed hold. Finally settled on three: TGIN leave in, aloe vera juice, nairobi foam wrap setting lotion. Clipped each of my 14 twists into sections using my small goody barrettes to stay organized and keep building memory into my parts.

Unraveled a twist then applied the leave in, which helped me remove shed hair and do large finger detangling. Then I sprayed aloe vera juice, which gave me more slip, so I decided to comb through with my hercules sagemann seamless combs.  I used 2 combs. Depending on how thick the section was, I would use the bigger one first before following with the smaller one vs the smaller one alone right after finger detangling.

forgive my acne

Hair was now very damp, so I had no trouble applying the setting lotion and then the rollers.  I used magnetic rollers instead of curlformers this time, because I really wanted better control for smoothing the ends to where I could get a good trim, which was an issue last trim. Plus I am hoping the curls somehow last longer.  I had illusions of applying 2 rollers to each section but quickly realized this was too thick so I applied 3-4 rollers on average per twist. I used the green rollers mostly.

Entire detangling (thorough given fingers first and combs) and applying rollers was 1.5 hrs. See how little hair I lost, amazed at that! Bear in mind, I can’t remember the last time I used combs; been months, so this makes me feel like my finger detangling is working. Then I ate dinner and sat under my hair dryer for 1 hr. Might have stayed longer but I really needed to go to bed. I plan to sleep with the rollers…ughh.

Notice my steamer behind my dryer? Dryer is hot tools tourmaline ionic hair dryer-love it. Yep mini hair salon things….

Next day: April 3, 2017

I unravelled a roller and wanted to scream bloody murder! My hair freaking didn’t dry despite an hour under the dryer and keeping rollers in overnight. I didn’t care I proceeded to trim about half an inch to the best of my ability with semi straight ends. Doing a roller at a time, ensures I don’t miss any strand or section. By the end of the trim, 90% of the hair had reverted “lol”. I had less than 10 mins to leave the house so I had to rock a puff. Didn’t even have time to slick edges or make it special.

Quick length check: How on earth do people do this with floppy tape measure? Anyhow, hair is 10 (back) to 11.5 inches (bangs). I had hoped to be at 12 inches by my cousin’s wedding end of May. We will see.


Ready for work:

After I got home from work, I bantu knotted my dry hair using some avocado oil, no spritz, no water, nada. I essentially split each of my 14 sections in 2, which came to about 26 knots. Please pray I have better luck tomorrow when I unravel before work again (RISKY), because I am really craving some curls after putting in all that effort with the rollers. Will share pics tomorrow.

Overall I am glad I was able to figure something out, because I like my trim days to fall on coilyqueen’s new moon trim days. Have no idea what I am talking about. Check it out here. Have a great week and happy new month!

Extra: Pics of my hair The week of March 19th. Same 14 twists but this time a mohawk with the marley hair. So this was where the twist out came from. And the last week in March were the loose twists banana clipped with pompadour. Used my own hair sans marley hair for a change for that, but alas no pics of the back.



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