April 8 Wash Day/loose twists

So my goal for today is a protein treatment, stretch hair and style in loose twists for the rest of the month. Yay for no major wash for a few weeks. This is a similar routine to last summer so you can see my previous posts.

Prepoo: None. Put hair in 14 sections using plastic clips. I am always excited after taking down a style like my updo from last week and seeing I can find my 14 parts.


Cleanse: Clarifying shampoo after all the shenanigans of the last week. Used avalon organics lemon shampoo. Hair felt wonderfully stripped, so I was confident all the gunk was out. 15 minutes

Deep Condition: Used a newbie: Hask Keratin Protein Smoothing Deep Conditioner. Always on the hunt for a good protein conditioner to replace aphogee if possible …cos mineral oil. Picked this up on a whim from my local kroger while grocery shopping. Applied conditioner to each section, maintained sections using my barrettes and sat under my heating cap. 15 mins to apply and 30 mins under cap.

Detangled and rinse: Hair felt soft and there was slip, so I finger detangled. Hmm methinks I may need a bottle of this protein conditioner. Rinsed with barrettes in. 40mins


Moisturized and stretch: Applied two pumps TGIN green tea leave in to each section (yes I put a pump nuzzle on the container), then a tiny bit of lily of the desert aloe vera gel which has a watery texture, then a small amount of TGIN twist and define cream. Then applied mostly 3 to 4 long and wide curlformers (cfs) to each section. Two sections required only 2 cfs and like two sections may have required 5. 50 minutes for this part. Then sat under dryer for an hour. Last time I did curlformers i sat under dryer for 2 hrs. I will only invest that time if I plan to rock it for a week. Today i don’t care if they don’t dry all the way ‘cos I am twisting tomorrow. I just need some stretch. But, Yay they dried. I want to buy the largest size that way i can do bigger sections.

Style: That night did large pin curls to sleep. Then played around with different hairstyles before doing my loose twists. My cousin is getting married in May and she wants us (bridal party) to have a mohawk inspired do, so I am playing around with different ideas. Love my twists! First time doing them on stretched hair. To twist i smoothed the section with TGIN butter cream daily moisturizer and then after twisting all over, I applied shea moisture frizz-free shine mist all over (the one i have is the oily one which I don’t usually like, but came in handy because I wanted an oil and shine effect).



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