October 2017

It has been a hot minute. Mostly because I have been exhausted with pregnancy and being post partum with my first kid. I have respect for all these moms I see on YouTube, blogs and Instagram keeping it together. You all are #goals.

So what’s been happening with my hair?

-I was supposed to do a length check months ago and failed lol. Hopefully I finally do one at the end of this post.

-I have been living in twists. I also had curly clip ns for a wedding and maternity pics. I was so tempted to do just one wash and go this summer but I resisted and stuck to my low manipulation/protective styling routine. Maybe next summer?

-at 2nd week post partum I was so exhausted from a cluster feeding baby I was 98% sure I wanted to loc my hair. Right now I am like 75-80%. I fantasize about the idea of sisterlocs.

– because of my exhaustion, limited movements my routine has been shampoo or cowash, DC overnight, style the next day. My standing  steamer and hair dryer moved to the garage to make room for baby stuff. I have been using whatever products I have at home so it has been a mix of all sorts.

– my maternity leave is over (10 weeks) and I have work tomorrow. So for this weekend wash I needed to get my act together. On Saturday night, I cleansed with Avalon organics lemon clarifying shampoo. Then I deep conditioned (protein treatment) for a few hrs with mill Creek keratin conditioner. I am struggle with the mill Creek. It has no slip and I don’t find it highly moisturizing but it is the only organic protein treatment I know. I really like aphogee but not the ingredients and lately I discovered hask protein. The hask has slip and is conditioning and seems not to have as bad as ingredients as aphogee but it still has a look it of chemical sounding ingredients that I haven’t looked up yet, so not sure if it will be a staple.

– I then applied tresemme botanique on the protein-coated hair to give slip and allow me finger detangle. The hair lost was a lot for me which I figure must be post partum shedding beginning. I then rinsed and applied a random almost empty alikay naturals leave-in. Covered hair with a shower cap and went to bed.  I did this because I needed my hair wet/damp for curlformers. Today is Sunday and I then spritzed each section with Shea moisture hold and shine mist and applied my curlformers to stretch my hair. I sat under the dryer for an hour and then proceeded to trim my ends in my usual fashion. My last trim was practically 6 months ago at the beginning of april!! No wonder my ends have been so gnarly. This confirms for me that trimming every 4 months or 3 times a year is most ideal for my hair. The non creamy products allowed my hair to dry faster and there were no white flakes.

– I plan to have my hair in a simple updo with a banana Clip and hair pins. Then transition to wearing my new wig when it arrives. Hopefully I like it cos it is a brand new style that I have never had: bangs!

– by the way that is my plan for the next few months to minimize this post partum hair loss thingy. Not sure anything can really stop it but I can try to do when better by styling in protective styles that are even less manipulation and that I can wash and condition weekly ideally. So updos and wigs. My multiple loose twists will require more detangling effort than say 2 French braids. And when I install a set of loose twists I usually like to wear it for 3-4weeks so I will be missing out on deep conditioning benefits.

-I want to get the mane choice growth oil this period. I need to also write a post about my newborn’s hair.

-length check: hair is approximately 10-12 inches


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