I am alive

Can’t believe this space has been dead for so long. I was triggered to post because I had to make some changes to my settings after getting emails that random names that seem spam-like are following my blog which just seemed eerie like the blog was so stagnant it was developing cobwebs of spam.

Well….I don’t quite know what to say about my hair. It is not great but it is not horrible. I have been dealing with post partum hair shedding which has SUCKED ‘cos prior to that I truly believe my hair was thriving on a loose twist once a month regimen. I also failed at continuing to keep up with my prenatal vitamins post partum which I know is a big no no. Can’t remember by last trim which is not good either.

Anyhow my plans include :

-trim coming up this week

-started biotin 2 days ago

-purchase gummy prenatals as hopefully i can be compliant with that

-figure out how to best do a monthly manipulation regimen. WHat I mean is I would like to wash/condition/detangle once a month to help with low manipulation but moisturizing loose twists suck because it really affects the volume, neatness, overall aesthetic of the style for me.


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