Started regimen 1 in Aug 2016 and will see how it goes till the end of the year. Prior to August, I was doing regimen 2 which i had started in June 2016. I will still keep regimen 2 around for when I have my hair in low manipulation styles; that don’t likely last beyond a week such as updos or buns.

In between hydration sessions, I will be moisturizing using OLC: oil, leave in, cream. My major focus is on my ends. At least daily or every other day, I will apply oil (O) or oil and leave in/moisturizing cream (OL/OC) to my ends.  I currently work Tuesday to Monday every other week, which is why my wash schedule is organized the way it is. The goal of my hydration/short wash days are to completely immerse my hair in water.  They tend to occur on days I get home really late, so I can’t afford to spend more than 10-20 minutes on my hair so that is what will determine what I choose to do like: water rinsing/shampooing alone/cowashing/cleansing plus a mini deep condition etc. Overall, my regimen is centered around PHM : Protection/low manipulation, Hydration, Moisturize those ends.