I decided to write this post to capture my overall thoughts about the MHM experience. After all, being on the MHM is what prompted me to start a blog. I would run into problems in my journey and couldn’t find frequent examples of what people were going through with MHM. The vloggers helped a lot, but due to how much time it takes to put up a vlog, it didn’t feel like posts came often enough to help me. Every week, i had questions; “is this working? is my technique working? are people experiencing these tangles? is my hair growing? is my hair healthy? why doesn’t my hair dry fast? etc etc”

With this page, I now have a central location about my overall experience.


I tried MHM as outlined by Pinkecube for approximately 1 year: August 2014 -Oct/Nov 2015. So you can look through the blog posts in that time frame if curious about the nitty-gritty of the good and bad days I had. This page is a summary.


-It helped me discover that even though I was fully African, I had coils in my hair and not just some wiry bird’s nest of straw

-It helped me be conscious of ingredients of products I am using on my hair

-It taught me the importance of conditioning and moisture retention

-It helped me achieve my first of many successful wash n gos


CONS: Long term it didn’t work for my hair because of;

too much manipulation: I guess my strands are fine, because it is very fragile. Once I touch my hair, no matter how gentle, I am going to lose wisps of hair. So just water running through my hair without me touching, if I look down there will be at least one coil. Now imagine me doing all the 5 MHM steps including defining my coils 2-3 x a week…it led to hair loss


left-early mhm days (thicker, healthier). Right – Late MHM days (thinner)
defined but less volume and length


the chemistry: I do not fully understand this, so I can’t tell you for sure. But my conclusions from reading various hair articles that quote science and studies not opinion is that frequent use of “natural” chemicals like baking soda and apple cider vinegar (ACV) can be detrimental long term. Here is an example of one such article . All I can tell you, is that as the year passed my hair went from black to a dull brown and I used ACV mostly in my regimen. Also there is a lot of PH and cuticle manipulation with MHM that can be tricky if you are wrong about your hair porosity. Hair porosity tests are highly fallible and inaccurate, again google is your friend. And if you are not sending your hair strands to a lab to be looked at under a microscope, I assure you that you have a 50% chance of being wrong about the porosity you have chosen.

brown hue tones


Moisture: I don’t know if my problem with stretchy ends that lost elasticity after doing the method long term was because of it being too moisturized versus hygral fatigue. Either way that has resolved after I got a big trim and reintroduced commercial protein to my hair. The cherry lola even with more amino acids was simply not enough.


small sample size.  Again this has to do with science. If I had to advice my past self and any of you, I would say: if something requires a big commitment, only try it; if has been tried for years by many others of many hair types e.g the curly girl method or locing or protective styling or LOC method of moisturizing . Don’t be one of the guinea pigs lol.


Learning points:

Overall the things I have retained from MHM are: As a type 4 natural, I can enjoy my own coils in a wash and go, if I have a good overall moisture retention regimen with good moisture/protein balance. The premise is cleanse, condition and style. Water is our friend, we shouldn’t be going 2 weeks to months without wetting our hair. Clay helps clump coils, it also has some cleansing and conditioning benefits…emphasis on some. My hair loves kinky curly curling custard gel the best, but I think trying to use a cream styler would be best for protecting my ends if I ever do wash and gos as my go to style again. Ultimately at the end of my MHM journey, I had to have some major trims. But I still retain coils when out of a protective style because of all the things i learned about moisture, protein etc